Exodus: Our Universe and LUNC Integration

This is a draft to receive feedback. An updated final version will be put in a new post.


Exodus has combined profitability and entertainment to bring to players a truly entertaining Metaverse experience. At the forefront is the LUNC token, the flagship token used for most in game transactions, and as rewards for in game tournaments and other activities and promotions. This proposal is a one-time payment to give the Exodus team 250,000,000 LUNC (@ $0.00020 = $50,000) from the community pool to to facilitate continued development of LUNC utility inside Exodus: Our Universe. It is our goal to support and become an integral part of the LUNC community. Examples of added utility are expanding the current cross chain marketplace to include peer to peer purchases in and out of game allowing assets earned in game to be easily converted to LUNC and other currencies.


To bring the ultimate utility to the LUNC holders with a new twist. Players will be able to own residential plots of 1 acre, 4 acres or 9 acres which will generate passive resources based on research, buildings and daily staking. These resources can be used in game to play mini games and other contests that will reward LUNC. Our goal is to provide a means for everyone to use LUNC and be rewarded LUNC through our in game mechanics.


In return for 250,000,000 LUNC the Exodus team will create the TERRA STATION which will be the spawning ground of everyone entering the Metaverse where they will be able to stake or earn rewards and LUNC in real time. Players will be able to spend and earn LUNC on planets and in all games that reside within Exodus: Our Universe. Exodus is a platform built on creativity and collaboration, aspiring to bring together cultures, education, brands and perspectives. Players owning and holding LUNC are complimentary and interdependent with the insights, skills and tools that users will gather on planets and via quests to aid in their advancement.

There will be:

  1. Real-time smart contract execution of game scenarios
  2. Mining revenue based on territory control
  3. In-game alliances with levelling system
  4. Land ownership and territory control via Alliances
  5. Vehicle and fleet command, including an extensive variety of space ships
  6. Land-based mining operations
  7. Dynamic career system harnessing specialized equipment
  8. Fully decentralized, non-fungible token (NFT) asset ownership
  9. In game video and graphic advertising of LUNC
  10. 2% of LUNC received as payment will be staked and delegated to an active validator.

We intend for the Metaverse to attract and retain different crypto projects, Businesses, Competitive players, collectors, Investors, Space travel enthusiasts and Economists, who will all be exposed to the LUNC community and branding.


A roadmap with a phased budget… estimated… would be more than necessary.

How do we know that LUNC 250,000,000 will be enough for development?

Or for which stages will that amount be enough?

And many more questions that can arise if a plan with a phased budget.

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Create any of your projects for your money.
Use LUNC in your projects.
Get commission in your projects for using LUNC.


This is a very interesting proposal that is not just based on KRYPTO like a before ever, I am waiting for specifics as above but I am recomend - YES.


Thanks for your questions, this amount is specific to the integration of LUNC as per the post which numbers were discussed and agreed upon by the current developers to get it all done

We will release a full road map as per stages for accountability soon.

This topic is merely to get a sense of what the community thinks about our proposal and also any suggestions the community might have also


I speak for myself, of course, but I’m waiting for specifics and if it’s a pure game without a second bottom I’m in.

Thank you, there are many ways to have this done and ours is as we see it a very good way of helping to stabilize and support all the current initiatives being undertaken by the LUNC community and doing it in such a way that ties it fully to the metaverse.


Your project sound very awesome and the time and effort in this game is very big, i will vote yes for you guys to get started with the amount of lunc you asking which is very little for the potential your game will have in return for this blockchain. I hope your team the best sucess ever in the play to earn metaverse and you can pershap ask the dev to put your project featured on the terra station for a few to help out to be know by the community. Kind of Adverting banner or something.


We will spread all delegations across all nodes

See one of our latest gameplay videos below:


Is there any lunc burning mechanism also provided? Thanks

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The devil will be in the details of course, but LUNC needs opportunities like this.

Would there also be a burn mechanism that mirrors the current burn tax that LUNC has on transactions?

Can you share any information about how big your current user base is?

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Players will need to connect their Terra Station wallet so the burn will happen on transactions that way as it is currently being done via our marketplace when our NFTs are purchased using LUNC

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Yes burn will happen via the terra station.

Our user base isn’t the biggest as we are still fairly new, that however will change very soon with marketing

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I can say that I support this idea in a general sense and fully support the team working on it. However, if you are planning on generating ‘mining’ rewards solely from the staking rewards from 5,000,000 Lunc I think we will find that this is not enough. I would assume that a portion of revenue generated from NFT sales will go towards staking?
I also think that we need a degree of accountability if we are paying $50k USD out of the community pool.

In the spirit of transparency I feel obligated to make it clear that I am not only an Exodus community member but also an NFT holder. I look forward to the continued development of this project and believe that this is specifically the kind of development that should be rewarded.


I think more details are needed as to what will be provided. I don’t think a project plan is needed at this moment but more detail on approximate timelines, what the investment will produce and what is the accountability model and how would funds need to be released.


There’s a very informative video exploring the relationship between Exodus and StarShip Universe and the disputed ownership of the intellectual property, it’s long but I’d suggest anyone wishing to get involved with exodus must watch it, search for BeyondFOMO on youtube. There’s still a very large amount of money owed in refunds that haven’t been given. What I’d suggest is watch the video and make your own conclusions.


I really support this idea, Exodus Metaverse Will be a top project👏


Love the idea and the app looks amazing.

Knowing there are thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars in refunds due to holders of NFTs from their prior relationship, as a responsible community member I would expect this to be contingent on two things:

  1. Refunds are completed promptly and prior to disbursement of any community funding.
  2. IP issues are resolved in a public and transparent way.

If those can be accomplished, I think this is a win-win. I wouldn’t want to see the community commit funding to this without those stipulations though. I think it’s the only responsible course of action to ensure funding isn’t used merely to accommodate refunds and to make certain there is no legal jeopardy that results in the loss of the community investment. And I think those are reasonable pre-requisites given the history of the project.

No question at all this team does amazing work though, and I think if the risks are mitigated, this would be a huge boon for the community.


This is extremely misleading… Matt has a history of failing to be accountable, pushing blame onto others and tanking projects to run off with funds. There needs to be more perspective offered than simply “here is this biased video” it would also be good to mention that you jumped ship in favor of Matts project…


Unfortunately for exodus this isnt misleading. I havent posted any accusations, only pointed people in the right direction to gain information. The youtube video was made by an independent person who was only fact checking. I haven’t jumped any ship either, the fact remains that there is still tens of thousands of dollars of refunds still outstanding from the previous partnership and the general feeling is Exodus has run out of funds. This is why refunds have stopped and Exodus are sourcing other funds. Be very very careful who you invest in and make sure you research this properly before losing your money.