Expanded L1 Task Force Spending Prop for Q2 2023 [v2]

It seems a lot has happened in just a few days, both on L1TF side and about this alternative proposal for Q2 !

I didn’t know that Superman (InonMan) had such problems, hopefully they’re not so severe that hiring him is a bad idea ? I also didn’t know about TGF trying to reform in the Cayman Islands.

In regards to the team, which is the most important part of such a prop, it’s very nice to see that it is expanded, although I’m a bit cautious as I do not know any of these new names yet. But the rates end up being much much more reasonable than the first spending prop, and we get to keep Till and Vinh, who have already proven their efficacy, and we get back Jacob on top of that, Jacob having very valuable knowledge and experience on Cosmos !
I would also appreciate to see Steve come back, and wouldn’t mind the bill to go up a little bit for an additional part-time slot.

As I said in the v1 of this prop, I really appreciate the idea of a 2-installments payment, which is a better way to save up on the CP if anything goes wrong during development, and it also keeps the team somewhat accountable (while the Q1 prop had the payment locked for the duration of Q1…)

I’ll hold off my opinion for now, but it really does look like a yes from me !
I will second some opinions here, it would be really nice to have the mentioned devs chime in here, or somewhere else (a simple tweet may do !) to confirm their willingness to go with such a plan, especially Vinh and Till and Jacob, and I think that would help people be at ease, would it be possible, Rabbi ?

A rough roadmap would be the cherry on top !


Precisely if only 2 dev accept the proposal we will pay 60 thousand dollars for each.

Since 60 thousand will receive in advance

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OMG OMG this proposal is f**ing amazing. For the first time in more than 1 year i feel truly excited and Bullish about Lunc true revival with legit people wanting the Chain to restore its former glory. And the best of all , no more drama, no more twitter stuff and true coding. Also the BEST THING , BETTER WORK/RESULTS FOR CHEAPER PRICE. Lunc will be $1 in this timeline and not in 10 or 20 years like some people were saying earlier… Get this proposal Passed ASAP . You got my vote sir. YEEEEEEEES HEELL YEAH


Seems like this proposal is cheaper and the team is bigger wich means better and more results. I will vote yes to this proposal Sirs . A new and fresh team is what Lunc needs. The previous L1 team failed to prove themselves and complete the job and trust is earned.
i’m with you sir, let’s take this to the moon


I would hold this off this the time we have a roadmap.

We do not need random development.

This plan also doesn’t have anything to get the chain to parity on Cosmos. The current L1 team also didn’t finish this work, and before this team attempts any development on the chain, we need to ask them clearly, and they need to reply in this thread saying that they will be able to take up the work of bringing the chain to parity. If Bilbo is taking up the responsibility of this team then he needs to come here and state in clear terms that “YES, I WILL be able to get Terra Luna Classic to parity (which means opening up IBC for all chains on Cosmos) by working with TFL and other teams.”

There are more stuff that the original plan doesn’t cover cause they wanted to escape any extra work:

  1. Terra Luna 2.0 has feather.js and the Alliance module now. We are seriously lagging behind in implementing these modules on our chain. At least if you implemented Alliance you could open up inter-staking possibilities. Feather.js is the newer version of terra.js but we are still using terra.js. I dunno why we have to use legacy components and why we are soooooo sllllooooowwww in development

  2. No one even mentioned working on the swap pool and opening it up again. Slyly, they just mentioned that they will be working on Ziggy cause Duncan will work for free for coming up with the entire plan for the swap module and they are gonna du(mp the entire work on his team when they get funded. It can’t work this way. This is our responsibility. Our work. WE have to decide how we are gonna open up the swap pools. WE need to vote on a proposal for that and the L1 team needs to come up with the idea for that cause they will be the ones implementing it

  3. No one is maintaining the docs. Z began writing a separate blog for the training new people who are getting into development. Well, writing a blog isn’t enough. It’s not even enough to just maintain the docs. There is more. You need to create a separate training section in the docs so that developers can understand how to go about developing on Terra Luna Classic. This is a technical job and the L1 team has to take it up completely. Every month we need updates on the docs section and the material needs to be updated there

  4. We CANNOT keep funding this team forever. You will run out of money in CP. You haven’t calculated that yet. The CP isn’t filling as fast as it was filling when we had the 1.2% tax. Only burns fill the pool. Burns have also reduced and they could reduce further which leaves us with less money in the community pool. This is non-sustainable as a venture. If the development team is not capable of getting funding then we have to get it for them. We have to showcase their work to investors and get funding or show ourselves as a non-profit and get funding. But dum(ping so much money into a basic team isn’t gonna be sustainable for the long term. If it was a couple of thousand dollars per person, that would have still been fine, but 120k is too much. Next funding round will leave the CP completely dry

  5. Without a proper manager and without a time tracking app, these people will not work. They will take this work for granted and we will have a repeat of what we are looking at currently. Bilbo will also not be able to manage to communication with the larger community and like Z, he will begin blocking everyone in the community. This won’t work like this and there are too many problems for it to work

I have a suggestion which is slightly different from how we have looked at “teams” on the chain till now. Till now, we have let friends and family work together - people who knew each other well enough to be able to work together as a single unit. Tobias might not have had a function in general, but he had a function as a leader. Without a leader, a team will not be able to function. The lack of a leader will leave a vaccum that will not allow this new team to function properly. Someone from the team will try to fill this vaccum, leading to a race for the position. We also cannot remove this position so that we will be able to stop this.

Thus, I have a couple of suggestions which may or may not be acceptable to the community but I cannot think of absolutely anything else better than this which can guarantee the proper functioning of this new team:

  1. I wish to volunteer to be a full-time manager for this team. I am a developer, business owner and a real human being and this is my real name. You know everything about me since it’s given in the Community Custodian proposal. Right till my address. I am reachable 24x7 by all social media and phone as well if required. The reason that I wish to volunteer is because I know investors and I have some experience with pitching. I come from a country which is getting into crypto and I can bring a lot of investment onto the table. I have a registered non-profit as well so I can request for non-profit funds for the chain. We can even make the servers run for free if I actually put my head into this. You can already see what I am capable of, if I put the LUNC Community Custodian and the Auto Trading Bot proposals together. Lastly, I am not the person who is the most liked by the developers since I talk ONLY for the community. I will always do the right thing, even if that makes me look bad (like I did with TR and then Venus and then TGF and then L1TF). They will not be able to escape work if I am a manager to them. They will also not complain with my behaviour since I am extremely respectful and dignified with everyone in the community. I am also not related to anyone or have ever worked with anyone in the community till now so I do not have a history that is good or bad. I do have an experience which is written in the LUNC Community Custodian proposal. I am probably the most neutral human being involved in the community currently. No burn, no lambo, no feelings towards others

  2. I do not object to the payment being done for this team and to remain as lean as possible but as mentioned in the original plan, I propose to remake the Oversight Committee before even this proposal goes for voting. THEY will represent the community and talk for us. They will provide us with the updates to the development work and they will not do this for free this time. This is work, so they need to be paid. I propose that the individual members of the OC be paid $100 per meeting that they will attend with the L1TF. We will have 3 meetings in a month so $300 per month per member. I propose that we being back the original 3 members of the committee: DJ Trev, DemonMoney and PFC Validator. As far as I understand they were the ones who were chosen initially. The 3 meetings that the OC will do with the L1TF will be done LIVE with the ENTIRE community so that every member of the community (WITHOUT being banned) can participate and hear with their own ears what is the update. We require the OC to represent ONLY the L1TF currently, until we provide them with further notice about more responsibilities

This is what I think. Now you @RabbiJebediah and the community can decide whether they want me to handle the L1TF for the next 3 months. It’s a responsibility but someone with a technical, management, marketing, communication AND investment background needs to do this work. If there are alternatives, the community can suggest names of such people that we will need to evaluate properly before being given that responsibility.


There is one more thing I wanted to say. If you permit me @RabbiJebediah then I would like to rework this budget. This is a proposed budget by a team which was trying to extract as much money as possible from the Community Pool.

The actual budget should have been calculated by:

the number of people required x hourly rate x number of hours of work,

and if I were the manager I should have reported these figures to you for the last quarter before proposing this one. And even in this one, every point should have been broken up like this. Cause one developer is gonna work on one or two modules at the most. Each module will have 2-3 devs working on it at the most. This is how you segregate development work. You do not need the Agile or the Waterfall method. At least basic partitioning of duties should have been done so that we would know who is responsible for what.

The final budget that we will arrive at after doing this maybe lesser than $100,000 even if I include the fees for the 3 OC members and the salary of the project manager. The project manager should NOT be paid more than $1000 per month initially and in the next quarter if work has been done well, then increase that to 1,200. That’s it. What are you guys doing donating money to everyone?

And why is the developers even working on a salary? Will they wake up in the middle of the night to fix things if anything goes wrong? If the answer is no, then they do NOT deserve a “monthly” salary. They will be paid ONLY for the work that they do according to the number of hours worked and the hourly rate of that work decided by the community. The only human being in the team who should be paid a monthly salary is the project manager cause he should be awake 24x7 to respond to queries from the community and to provide support to the ENTIRE community at ALL times, whether or not he is sleeping or d(ying. That is none of my concern or lookout. If I am the manager, the same applies to me as well. And yes, for ONLY $1000 per month. We are not here to do charity.

Now you can decide what you wish to do. My DMs are open and you can reply here as well. If you want me to take it up, I’ll take it up from today and I don’t even need a salary right now to do the work. I’ll start with the Roadmap which the COMMUNITY WANTS, not one that WE want. Also, I have already submitted the LUNC Community Custodian prop which should cover what I do not cover in the Roadmap. Let me know. I will wait for your answer.

I am also doing this because you are NOT doxxed, so you should NOT take up the responsibility of distributing funds to anyone. And currently, we CANNOT, in ANY way, give TGF that responsibility.

Let me know what you think.


There is a link to the existing Q2 roadmap they want to complete. It’s just a team swap.


There’s a few things dropping off such as the L1 Dojo and I imagine the COC.

Just wondering if with the additional man power there’s an intention to do things differently, quicker or a different approach.


You talk. Relentlessly. Which, admittedly, is a useful quality for a project manager.


If we continue with this childish behaviour, then there isn’t much time left for Terra Luna Classic to turn into a meme coin.

There is no place for non-serious people in this team. Please refrain from interacting on Twitter and other such social media where your reputation can get damaged.


I like this proposal:

  1. the preface as it explains the current situation of the project which is not always detectable by the common user
  2. the way of exposing the facts because it gives me the idea that Rabbi is a well-informed, educated person and writes reasoned comments in Discord
  3. the feeling of freshness that the fact of changing teams brings to the project because, in my opinion, little has been done in recent months
  4. the proposal is well coordinated and contemplates the judgment of LUNC users even after the proposal has possibly been accepted by the community.

For me it is YES!


Waiting on v3, v4 and v5, cause that’s what’s gonna happen, right @RabbiJebediah ?!?!

in the interest of security for the chain and the investors will the devs be fully doxxed ?

Well, save for any possible changes in roster, but this does look like a competitive alternative to LBA prop.


Since Rabbi has already replied in TR’s discord, stating that 6/8 are already agreeable, I think this has now become a much better proposal than I originally thought.

With this, I applaud you. You have my support. Kudos and all the best in getting it passed.


Oh no @RabbiJebediah actually uses feedback to amend his props ! Why !?!?!?

I’d rather have a v14 than no correction on a criticized prop that his put to a vote after a mere 3 days.


Presumably it’s Frag and Vinh outstanding

I will stick to my point here.

Since you are not a technical person, handling this team will be extremely difficult the moment we fund it.

I need to see Bilbo interacting here and in other places with the larger community. Development won’t be enough on this chain. Bilbo will need to communicate as well.

Otherwise we are leading down the same road. Might as well fund Z and the others. What difference would it make?

Ask Bilbo to come here and answer some my points above. Then we can think about this.

This is my only gripe. Wouldn’t it be better that if any Devs decline, the funds then get placed/left in the CP?

I would even prefer 50% to CP and 50% to the remaining devs. This would be based on a percentage of how many Devs remains.

This would then prevent a “lions share” as what we wanted to avoid with zaradar. Also this would mean there is more chance for payments left for Q3 for the Devs that stayed.

Other than that, a resounding yes.


I think this proposal is well written and sounds promising. You have my vote

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