Expanded L1 Task Force Spending Prop for Q2 2023 [v2]

This is the v2 instance of this proposal, with an amended budget, team roster, and new Q&A section!

Written by: Rabbi Jebediah (https://twitter.com/RabbiJebediah )
Co-Author: Mr.Baboon (https://twitter.com/Mr_Bab00n)

This is a spending proposal for Q2 2023 that would fund an expanded L1 Task Force to work on LUNC and only LUNC, without wasting the community’s money on side-projects that extend beyond the scope of our blockchain. This proposal seeks to minimize the amount of “unnecessary fat” by trimming superfluous and unneeded expenditures (like “team managers”) while also removing dysfunctional elements (like Tobias Andersen) from the L1 development team. It also seeks to distance the L1 team away from Terra Grants Foundation’s umbrella given the latter’s problems like unsanctioned spending, incoming governmental audit, and lack of any grants (despite billing itself as a non-profit grants foundation).

With the passing of Q1, the amount of actual development work on the LUNC blockchain was done by a small group of hard-working people (Superman/InonMan, Frag, Vinh, Ed Kim). With Q2 staring us in the face we still don’t have parity with Luna 2; the last update that was deployed halted the LUNC chain for hours (forcing validators and Jared from TFL to deal with the issue); many Q1 deliverables remain unfinished and undeployed; the upcoming WASM upgrade is a catastrophe waiting to happen; and a host of chain exploits and risks that were reported by Jacob Gadikian of Notional were either ignored or barely acknowledged then brushed aside. The GitHub itself has become a battleground and testament to the hubris of Tobias Andersen who refuses to collaborate while monopolizing control despite LUNC itself being a decentralized $1,000,000,000 asset.

Then there’s also the problem of “feature creep” which has slowly but surely wormed its way into the L1. The L1 Task Force was assembled to do core L1 work on LUNC, but its mission charter has morphed along the way into anything and everything that Tobias and the TGF want done, ranging from their pet projects like the Senate and legal protection for US citizen-affiliates, to side-chains being developed by Prof. Kim, to pointless wastes of time like the “Coding Dojo” (basically a glorified wiki) and Terra Operator (both being pushed by Tobias himself while he takes LUNC money and does minor programming work on the actual chain that’s paying him to develop it). Neither should USTC repeg initiatives nor L2 work/developers be a part of the core L1 development process, nor should either of those come bundled with L1 spending proposals!

Here is a list of expenditures submitted by the Terra Grants Foundation:

A major issue with the budget above is that TGF is currently falling apart:

  • Superman (InonMan) is missing, and has been for a number of weeks (complex/wanted status)
  • TGF’s proposal above includes Superman (InonMan) in the budget, despite his disappearance
  • Professor Kim has left the TGF, which means there’s 1 less senior developer on the L1 team
  • Tobias Andersen has left the L1JTF, which means there’s 1 less senior developer on the team
  • TGF itself is currently embroiled in legal issues which will soon result in disciplinary action(s)
  • TGF attempted to bypass aforementioned legal issues by reforming in the Cayman Islands
  • the L1JTF under the purview of the TGF has not finalized and completed the Q1 roadmap
  • for all the reasons above, TGF’s/L1JTF’s Q2 spending proposal is null and void!

LUNC’s treasury is impoverished, and we lack funding - as such, any money we have must be conserved and spent only on the most critical of work! Neither should LUNC be associated with the Terra Grants Foundation, given the latter is about to become legal contagion and could easily drag our blockchain into trouble with the law! Nor should the community reward Mr. Andersen by giving him a raise in Q2 despite his lack of contributions and the reckless way with which he FUDs LUNC on social media while constantly screeching about how underpaid he is and threatening to leave if his demands aren’t met…

Then there’s also the issue of him pushing doxxing to turn LUNC into a tradfi instrument:
Tobias 1

Here he is clinging to deprecated code, despite continual warnings from Jacob Gadikian:

Regardless, Mr. Andersen seems to have moved on from LUNC work, and has secured a new job:
Tobias Leaving LUNC (1)
Tobias Leaving LUNC (2)

All in all, this is not the type of person who should be getting over $13k/month from the community! As LUNC investors, let us fund and reward productive developers while trimming the fat and removing unproductive or outright harmful elements! With the recent departure of Ed Kim from the L1 team, all future L1 work needs to be focused exclusively on LUNC - this means no comingling of LUNC community pool funds for other side-projects, or lending out our remaining developers to non-LUNC initiatives!

It is for all these reasons that we propose the following changes…

We propose to increase the Q2 compensation for Frag and Vinh, to reward them for their hard work and keep them with us for the next quarter. Furthermore, to fill the senior leadership gap left by the departure of Prof. Ed Kim and the removal of Mr. Tobias Andersen, we propose bringing in Bilbo Baggins (senior software engineer/architect) and Jacob Gadikian (senior Cosmos developer and CEO of Notional Labs), both of whom would serve as external collaborators since they already contribute so much, and have helped on multiple occasions when LUNC needed it most. In addition to them, we propose adding another 4 senior developers to the team (NotJoshC, MangoChutney, ChopstickSensei, SolidSnake) all of whom are seasoned developers with years of experience and will have no trouble fitting into the group.

We need to scale up our L1 team if we are to prepare LUNC for the coming bull run!

Ergo, here is the proposed budget for Q2:

$7,500/month for Till, aka Fragwuerdig, x 3 months = $22,500 overall for Q2
$7,500/month for Vinh Nguyen, x 3 months = $22,500 overall for Q2
$5,000/month for Bilbo Baggins x 3 months = $15,000 overall for Q2
$5,000/month for Jacob Gadikian x 3 months = $15,000 overall for Q2
$5,000/month for NotJoshC x 3 months = $15,000 overall for Q2
$5,000/month for MangoChutney x 3 months = $15,000 overall for Q2
$5,000/month for ChopstickSensei x 3 months = $15,000 overall for Q2
$0,000/month for SolidSnake x 3 months = $0 overall for Q2 (free!)

Total expenditure for Q2: $120,000 (or 960 million LUNC at a conversion rate of 0.000125)

This money is to be paid out in 2 equal installments! If this proposal passes, the first installment would be released immediately upon the proposal’s passing so the work can commence. The second installment would be put up for a vote in its own prop after 8 weeks have passed, to allow the community to judge the work delivered over 2 months. This ensures the community pool is protected from a one-time drain, as well as incentivizes the developers with delayed payouts for completing their roadmap! This a much safer and more reliable solution than paying them 100% upfront (and allowing TGF to dictate what’s done with the money via their internal shenanigans)! Partial payment protects community funds, and will also keep the developers motivated to contribute good code and solid work throughout the quarter.

The Q2 roadmap has been outlined here: Joint L1 Task Force Q2
Said roadmap will be pruned of all non-L1 work (Coding Dojo, Community Oversight, etc.)!


Q: Where did you manage to find all these extra L1 developers on such short notice?
A: We saw this coming, and had a team prepared for when it inevitably happened.

Q: Shouldn’t you try to get Ed to return to LUNC? He’s the one who founded TGF after all!
A: Professor Kim has expressed a desire to work on his own chain. We should respect that.

Q: What about Zaradar? Surely there’s something we can do to get him back! Maybe pay him more?
A: Tobias was obviously unhappy with his position and payment. We wish him luck at his new job!

Q: So who’s going to lead the team, now that we don’t have a single senior lead developer?
A: We now have multiple! Bilbo, Jacob, Snake, JoshC… and Superman (InonMan) if he returns.

Q: Why are all these supposedly high-level super-developers agreeing to work for so little money?
A: Because they want to prove themselves to the community, and become a part of LUNC’s revival.

Q: Why is ‘Solid Snake’ billed at $0? Is that some kind of typo up in the spending portion?
A: It’s not a typo, Snake will work for free. He wants to put his “Terra Allies” org on the map.

Q: What about community outreach? Who will keep the LUNC community up to date on L1 work?
A: Bilbo Baggins has volunteered to handle this… and he won’t charge us $7000/month for it! :joy:

Q: So are the developers going to work full-time or part-time? How will the L1 team split tasks?
A: Part-time, but the newcomers all want to prove themselves, and will put in a lot of extra work.

Q: Do we really want Jacob Gadikian working on LUNC again? Tobias didn’t get along with him!
A: Jacob is an elite Cosmos developer. With Tobias gone, Jacob will do what he does best - dev!

Q: What about parity? What about a USTC repeg? What about all the other stuff promised in Q1?
A: It’s all a part of the new L1 team’s plan. They’ve been working out the details in private for a while.

Q: How do we know these new devs won’t take the money and run as soon as they get it?
A: The payout plan is structured to protect the community pool and investors from malfeasance.

Q: What guarantee do we have that this L1 team is going to deliver what the chain needs?
A: None. Words are cheap… but if they want to keep getting paid, they’ll have to produce results!

Q: We want the old L1 team back! They didn’t finish the Q1 roadmap but we still want them back!
A: That’s impossible since Tobias & Ed are gone, and TGF is about to disband due to legal violations.

Q: What about Steve (LuncBurnArmy)? He did a good job in Q1! Why are you not including him?
A: He’s welcome to provide his services pro bono, but the chain is better served hiring developers.

Q: What happens if we vote against this proposal and it doesn’t pass governance?
A: Then development on LUNC will stall. Right now, the chain does not have an L1 team!

Q: If this proposal passes, won’t it empty the community pool? What if we want other projects?
A: There’s currently $250,000+ in the CP, and this prop requires a total of $120,000 over 3 months.

Q: I still have reservations about this proposal and the technical skillset of the suggested devs.
A: That’s fine, post your questions down below and the devs will do their best to answer them.

If this proposal passes and any of the developers listed above refuse to accept the money or do the work, the funding allocated to them will be split evenly among the remaining developers. If all of them refuse, the money will remain within the community pool. If Superman (InonMan) returns at a later time, we will submit an additional funding proposal just for him, to re-join the L1 team (we’d love to have him on board if possible!).

Vote YES if you agree with the proposed Q2 spending plan for the LUNC L1 team!
Vote NO if you disagree with the proposed Q2 spending plan for the LUNC L1 team!

Thank you for reading, and let us know your thoughts down in the comments below! :wave: :point_down:

Signed by: Rabbi Jebediah, Mr. Baboon
Special thanks: to all our wonderful Frens!


I support this work. This crisis is an opportunity for a new beginning the void left by Zaradar and Co. will be filled by a much more productive, energetic and enthusiastic team.
Yes, yes and YES!
Chag Pesach Sameach.


Finally something Gut Daddy can get behind! I support this we need more people working on lunc to revive it faster!


Have all the people mentioned here been approached, spoken to, and agreed on taking this job if this proposal is passed?


Once again I have to throw my support behind this prop. Watching the absolute disaster that has been the current L1 team’s administration has made me more bearish than any other hurdle we’ve faced. It’s been nothing but mismanagement, setbacks and tweetstorms. With this prop there are at least people I know who are capable like Jacob and Bilbo. I distinctly remember these two warning the community about critical issues regarding a relatively recent chain upgrade that went ignored by our current devs…


now jus hope everyone, including the new L1 team will agree to this. to the moon~!


with everything going on and people calling for transparency will there be any sort of AMA or mock up of a roadmap to what these devs have planned as it was stated theyve been working behind the scenes for a while, im sure most will agree we would want to know what there plans are before being voted in if accepted


This proposal is well detailed and shows A LOT of promise!

I think a majority of others will comment on who the others are on the team though.
I know the majority on the list and already have faith, also I like seeing new blood on a team, I like seeing others proving their mettle and showing the community that Tobias isn’t the end all when it comes to Terra Classic.

all in all BRAVO!! and a strong YES from me.
I already feel good about the future


I support this - go for it Rabbi. Restore the chain to its former glory. Be the hope we need but not the one we deserve.

In other words, dig us out of the cluster-F created by the past L1 regime. I think you’ve proven yourself in my eyes to be a pretty tenacious kind of guy.

We need that now to supercharge our growth and lead the revival.


It’s a yes for me if we are to move forward we need to cut the grass now or else! This drama gotta stop


how about doxing these people first?

I think is perfect proposal, YES


I just want a competent team that fixes the chain and makes me a millionaire. Who fulfills that? The people mentioned in this proposal. They won’t steal money from me right in front of my face. They will work to make me rich, that’s what matters to me. Anyone who opposes this proposal is deeply retarded.


you do know we got screwed over by people who are doxx’d yea?
just think


Well done,Rabbi.
Yes for sure!


You know im quick af to point out when you look goofy and are on some nonsense so when i say this is a yes from me you know it comes from the heart.


So you’re making a proposal to hire a dev without knowing if they’re going to work on that proposal?

Why am I not seeing any devs listed in your proposal saying they will work for you.

that seems so amateurish to me.

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This is wrong. You are keep trying to push into dev tem people who have also highly questional twitter comunication! Do you want the same shit again?

Also did you ask existing devs if they want to be in this team?!

NO from my side!

I think that L1TF first needs to do the upgrades promised for Q1 in April. By end of April new team can be put togather by Vinh and Till.

Read the FINE PRINT, people!

If hypothetically only 2 developers accept while the rest refuse, the 2 developers will take the entire payment while all tasks in Q2 would be impossible to be completed with just those 2.

I’m going to repeat this until @RabbiJebediah replies. Why not ASK the developers and get their agreement first before this proposal is issued?


Can we get a roadmap from this team to see what they want to achieve/how/timeframe?