Failed MsgSend

Hi -

All of my wallets failing to send LUNC - getting error ‘Failed MsgSend’

Could anyone please help?


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Hi, can you take me a picture of failed transaction

The more picture, the better

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Can you share error message or screenshot?
There may be several reasons for your problem such as coin selection for fee, amount of fee and so on.
It will be clear once I see your error message.

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Guysssss I know how to fix had an issue with msg error failure ! Download the app and use bardcode to transfer wallet move funds from app phone app!!! And it works deposit to your exchanges I did this today by mistake and I thought as last solution just doing the app since is an error with the station fugde that station shit no using that for some time

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Had same error do the cellphone app will work! Use bardcode to transfer wallet and password it work!