Can't send Luna from my wallet to cryptocom

So I’ve managed to send my Wluna from coinbase to Kucoin, to my terra wallet. I also managed to send some luna from my cryptocom account to my terra wallet. But when I then try to send Luna to my cryptocom wallet it WON’T let me.

I made sure the wallet address is on the luna network, I made sure the address matches and the memo matches as well. Whether I send a small amount or a larger amount, the SUBMIT button is faded out and I get the little red icon when i hover my mouse over the button.

I can’t tell if this is because I’m using the chrome extension or not. I downloaded the desktop app, but I don’t know how to log-in to my wallet from the app

You may not have UST in your wallet for the gas fees.

Thanks a lot, that actually turned out to be the case!

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