Fairly Token distributions

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250M - Luna holders before depeg

200M - Luna holders after depeg (before luna tokens dilute)

250M - UST holders

200M - Luna holders after luna tokens dilute

100M - Community pool to fund for future development

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That seems reasonable! Since there is zero chance of them buying and burning the tokens!

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No way
UST holders should recover a lot more money.
With 20% of the supply with 11 B UST it will be like 5% of the 1 dollar peg
UST are a debt for Terra ecosystem. Luna is just a gamble token


You know what is UST because of LUNA. UST is another Risk asset. Stop attacking others and build together

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A fair decision, this is a fork and exchange of old tokens 7000: 1

Those of the old holders who did not average their positions during the collapse are to blame for themselves. He watched the ship sink while others rescued it (even if just for speculative purposes).
99% of those who bought expensive tokens did it for the sake of earning too. But their lack of faith killed them. Some of them did not average, while others sold at a loss.