Fill community pool with funds from eth wallet

As discussed before there is eth wallet with around 2.5mil$ (at current rates?) waiting for community to take ownership of it. There were few ideas what to do with it but since not a single proposal didn’t really gain wide support it is probably the best way to find consensus and take the middle way.

I did read few discussions here at agora, twitter and different channels what to do with it. Personally I believe and support idea that those funds should be used to fill community pool.

Yesterday Ed said in AMA that there is an urgent need for funding. Filling community pool with those funds it can sort out those worries for some time! And with that there is zero need to to increase reminting of tax burns to 50%.

Terra rebels can be paid every 3 months directly out of that pool based on what was done by road map?
(this is just my idea how to fund them not saying it should be like that).

So community? Time to move forward?

Dude, Proposal 10936 already passed. :slight_smile:

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It passed quorum, yes votes didn’t reach 50% though … either way, it can’t be enforced before new keyholders are assigned … t

Read carefully how governance works. Divide Yes votes by yes+no+ no with veto.

I’ve read them. And that’s exactly why people are working on a fix for the passing indicator:

This solution solves the problems. I recommend and will support!

  1. The Gold Standard of Stability - #68 by Koch

  2. Terra Logo - #4 by SATI

  3. Community terra (cust) - #27 by Storm


Let’s gather strength and move together !

Proposal 10936 results:

Yes votes are below 50% but for a propsal to pass, the condition is met:

  1. Quorum is reached
  2. No with veto ratio calculated by formula is < 33%
  3. Ratio of Yes votes (not only Yes votes) calculated by given formula must be higher than 50%. Lets calculate:
    41,75 / (41,75 + 24,62 +1,34) = 41,75 / 67,71=0,6166002067641412
    So its almost 62% on Yes ratio.

Have a nice day. :slight_smile: