Fork into a new chain

We need to fork the chain.

Validators should choose a block and the TFL respect it.

A compensation to small holders off LUNA and UST would be great.
Also something should be done to help at least a tiny bit to small holders of UST in Anchor, most of them are not rich.

In this new fork the stable money should be the Satoshi, or Sat ( a token based on bitcoin ).
And if you like you can make mint a stable currency with collateralization, like Pesos, Reales, Euros, etc.

Regarding UST… it saddens me but it is finished. At least for the time being.
In the future it could possibly make a comeback.

I think we should leave current terra network as it is to make everyone happy (Especially CZ)

New fork (Terra 2.0) can be backed by Bitcoin reserve (Positive impact on Trust)
New coin backed by bitcoin and distribute it to UST holders based on screenshot just before depeg.
Provide incentive mechanism for stakers and validatiors
3-5% comsission rate for transfers

Build bridge in between 2 fork

Terra 1.0 (UST Backed) and Terra 2.0 (BTC Backed)

It is a new paradigm casino shift.
We are in new area, in a new casino.

the beauty of this world is that everyone makes proposals based on their interests, what is a fork? do you think a new token will have value? after the disaster they made here, do you really think someone will trust them to value them with the new token? i think they should fix the problem and get the peg back to ust not try to create another worthless token


lol or we fork bitcoin because it’s not fair, which some bought low 10 years ago

Isn’t that idiot scammer Richard Heart forking Ethereum soon? Forking puts you in a casually association with fucking forking Pulsechain.

Might as well kill it, and you will kill all your faithful believers. We’ve been working on a project using Terra for many months. We would never deal with anyone related if you kill everyone with the fork.

There is no way to effectively compensate everyone! Only BUY, BURN Repeat!!

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Validators should make a decision. But a fork is a one sided solution. That will make our community into cat vs dogs fight. Check this solution and say what you think. I believe its a solution that can make everyone happy.