Funding to improve liquidity on major central exchanges

I was excited to see that Kraken announced native UST trading recently. Getting the Terra stablecoin listed on the popular mainstream onramp CEX’s is obviously important to the growth of UST adoption, but I was disappointed when I tried it out that the UST liquidity was so bad there and the spreads so wide that it wasn’t worth it to go that route at all.

I’ve seen proposals to seed liquidity in other ecosystems, but have we ever done similar seeding on central exchanges to improve the experience early on until more natural liquidity arrives?


+1 to this. The growing interest in UST is a natural propellant for adoption on CEXs. For example, UST has surpassed USDC on MEXC, one of the largest/most popular exchanges in Asia:

CEXs and DEXs will coexist, I think. CEXs offer more secure storage which some people prefer, and are also easier for on/offramp. But most people are still uninformed about where to buy UST and transfer natively to Terra. People ask about this pretty often on reddit:

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