How I can talk with Terra Station or Terra Bridge support team?

Hi Cephii1
I need help on the terra bridge transaction. Maybe point me where I can get help If you are not able

I have sent fund from my wallet “terra1533zpy0q43xy4hv3sn55tlz3n2magghhy0r6vs” using terra bridge

to my BSC wallet “0x3de287b854CA06A5fDfc23e3dd2233DE7851Ce60” . Got the confirm that transaction went through Hash Number “EDA7E4785D44D0175B38C835DCA350BE31BCFD806B4331190B32EFA67B890627”
I wait for hour but did not get the fund in my BSC account. I sent another test to same BSC account above. Got the confirm that went through the hash number is “44D0F15921BB2D771AAD12597CD5230F02E7F8C322D16C8A06601F4753D65F0D”
But did not see the fund in my BSC wallet above. I check the history in Terra station I notice this two transaction did not have destination address in Memo field. I think is a bug in terra bridge I am using google chrome on this two transaction. Please help… Thanks

Did you ever get an answer to this as I’ve got exactly the same issue. Luna/Wrapped Luna from Terra to BSC chrome extension wallet via Terra bridge.

Also on NOV 5th!

Hi, I was able to fix this by opening my wallet and adding a token in manually using the contract number. Hope this helps.

Sorry to say . I got a big nothing. I don’t know where to turn for help. If you do please let me know . I would do the same.

I sent email did not realize you did provide answer. My situation is little different I can not get into the
“Liquality” wallet to do anything.

How does it works?

I had the same pb using terra bridge Terra → Metamask sending luna on BSC

my luna is lost on a unknown account of terra (???)

Hope you can help me

Hey - you may find this proposal interesting:

Proposal Funding for Terra Network Support

@ShaunMac any update on Terra Support?

I had the same issue @PilipPilip

Come to Terra discord for support, these forums are not meant for this. Be aware there are many scammers on Discord, no mod or admin will DM(direct message) you offering support.

Where’s the link to the discord support?

Have you fond some issue?


whats ur issue ?

I guess this terra station is not working, because I have made two transactions but I didn’t get it in my receiving wallet

Could it be that it a scam

No that’s a scammer @Gifted. Nice website, but its phishing.

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Hi is there anyway to contact to terra bridge support? i send some tokens to the bridge for error and now i need to revert that

@admins, @Erry is a scammer

How many scammers are out there