Proposal Funding for Terra Network Support

Project Name: Terra Network Support

Team Name: Terra Support

Payment Address: terra1twkggh3m7phnudjtlv8usa2k3jz05ym8ktg9vl


The main purpose of this Project, is to offer the Terra Network a professional support network, that is private 1:1 with no download required.

Brief description:

The whole purpose of Terra Network Support is to be just that. A support network where people can go for help, away from the likes of Discord/Telegram (while these are great community platforms leaves opportunity for scams and misinformation from random people). After being a mod for some months now I believe this is highly necessary for a bigger and brighter future for Terra as a whole. During my experience in a Moderation role for Terra Network, Pylon, Anchor, Terra World, Smart Stake, I noticed a lot of the new community members who are new to Terra or even Crypto in general. My goal is to get a professional team together and to help when they require help away from all the noise and scams of TG and Discord that has been ongoing for quite some time now (Scams are not unique to this platform). I have now stopped my roles to focus on delivering a better support service in the one place that is currently offered by Telegram & Discord.

How project relates/integrates to Terra

The goal is to get enough funding so this will last the duration of Terra and grow as terra grows, as the funding will be put into Anchor Protocol while the interest will be used for paying for such as running costs/ Support Engineers.

Why we are interested in creating this

My main interest in creating this is to help the community stay safe while learning about Terra/ projects built on Terra easier (as reading through big docs is not everyone’s preferred method of learning) We will also pay the Support staff properly for their time and effort. I truly believe this will be an asset for the Terra community!

This is what will be displayed on the different projects webpages, who wish to use this service, including Terra Station, Terra.Money if approved

PoC/MVP or other relevant prior work or research on the topic:

I have almost completed the website and support chat, I will apply the links in chat once complete. My role as a Mod for multiple chats has given me some amazing hands-on research and perspective into the community’s needs.

Are there any other projects similar to yours in the Terra ecosystem?
Currently what we are building does not exist anyway, ofcourse each platform has discord/ Telegram though that has proved to be unsafe for many newcomers time and time again.

Team members

  • Shaun MacDonald, Founder/Manager

  • Rebecca MacDonald, Web design/ tech (Part time)

If approved will onboard extra Support Engineers, who are currently doing an amazing job on Telegram/Discord.


Contact Name: Shaun MacDonald

Contact Email: [email protected]

Website: (Going live soon)

Telegram: @LunaisKing

Discord: @ShaunOnTerra

Twitter: @ShaunOnTerra

Development roadmap

The development roadmap is quite simple, onboard current support engineers from TG/Discord as the interest earnt from Anchor Earn allows. The goal is to have 24/7 support, once there is enough support engineers and the UST pool is growing without excess being touched, the interest will then be used to either buyback and burn Luna or Donate to Angel Protocol which ever the community feels is best, as this is a service to the community I believe that is the best end result. As this is solely a community run project I plan to put proposals up to separate protocols governance, asking for tokens for funding, as I would love to support their project also. The tokens requested will be used on Pylon Pools, in which I have already spoken to Woojin about this, this way the community can earn tokens to help support this project while having their initial deposit returned in full. In return I will make sure each project has the support engineers they require, all without users downloading anything and contactable straight from their webpage. We will also try to hire the moderators that the projects themselves can request as well as seek support engineers for them if they have none.

No financial advice or investment advice will be given, this is solely a service on how everything works!

These are the numbers I was thinking about, of course all feedback, suggestions are welcome. This amount would be for 4 Moderators full-time while earning interest on top of total amount to continue to onboard more, all stats are from

Asking for $1,500,000 UST



This would give a Monthly interest rate of $20,613.82

I’ve chosen this number due to the fact of wanting to onboard more and more support engineers mostly full time with some part time. While being able to pay them to survive, as much as Terra needs devs, its also requiring some amazing support engineers to assist everyone.

Of course as we are a community all feedback is welcome, and happy to discuss anything and everything,

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I think thats a lot of money for customer support … why don’t you ask for 3 month runway, and have the community follow up on future grants?

Great initiative though

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My main goal while thinking of everything was soley not to ask for another grant, and make it a sort of Lossless investment of a sort, as the runaway grant would have to be spent, ive been aiming for a long term solution, this way the UST amount is never touched only grows to continue to expand as Terra Grows, while all excess going to buy back and burn, or Angel Protocol, though another thought was Using Pylon Pools, deposit the Luna into the Pylon pools for people to earn by depositing UST, that way the community is still incontrol of the Assets, i personaly have never seen this done, and believe it will set Terra Apart from the rest of the Blockchains by having a very solid support network.

@ShaunMac thanks for taking the time to think about this - and for your service as a Mod!

I am particularly intrigued by this idea and how it can lead to user retention, customer acquisition, and improved product knowledge.

Not only would you learn a ton, but it would incredibly fulfilling teaching others about the benefits of the Terra Ecosystem. As more blockchains invest in UI/UX, product features, and security, it is micro-services such as these which give Terra a competitive advantage.

The allure of human support - and guidance - is reassuring to those critical of crypto. Hearing a voice and a person on the other-side of a phone restores faith to new users.

I believe this initiative is worth explaining, especially for its ability to attract callow crypto users.

A few questions about the project - what would be the idea skill set for future support roles? Would it be more technical with solidity understanding or would you prioritize interpersonal communication skills?

I notice you and Rebecca share the same last name. What is your two’s relation?

You seem to acknowledge the need for text and chat support but do not mention voice / call support. Is this feature on your roadmap? Without it may seem robotic and impersonal.

What protocols do you intend on integrating this support feature on? How do you decide what project is worth your time and which is not? You may find it hard to draw the line.

I think it’s an excellent idea. The ‘wild west’ in crypto is the current norm, but that doesn’t mean it has to stay that way.

I do think that the scope needs to be sorted out somehow - with all the protocols launching soon, I agree with @fig that it could be hard to draw the line and also determine a baseline of knowledge for the support techs.

What about a smaller figure like Do suggests, and then by talking to other protocols in the community for partnership over the coming months - the reins could be turned over to the community? Which protocols agree could help determine the scope as well.

I like the idea. Adding a “stats feature” where frequently-occurring issues are reported to relevant teams will make it better imo

Definitely. There are two issues that stay in the path of Terra in partícular and digital assets in general to be adopted massively: security and user experience. As someone that already lost tokens due to a bug on a popular digital wallet and knowing other people that have been hacked recently, security is of paramount importance. And that feeling of security starts with a top notch customer service. And this proposal might be the way forward. Its a yes from me.

I will be applying for the runaway grant, think it will be a great way for the community to see it in action, without to much of an upfront cost to the community pool.

Yes it has a call function, also graphs for common issues, bots etc it is an enterprise grade support, after speaking with multiple devs, they have all told me it would be a waste of time to have one built when there is so many highly secure functioning ones available. Will get to work on this. :pray: i was looking for a front end dev for the website for a few days, though my sister Bec can easily do whats required, we will get to work.

Then work with Pylon to create pools for continuous development grants where nobody holds the keys - seems like a good idea in that direction, but 1.6M in the dev’s control seems to be serious overkill

Thanks for the feedback boss, was aiming for the lossless direction, i belive that will be the way forward so the community stays in control.