How to burn 1 Trillion(EAZY) for 1$

If $LUNC has 100 apps on chain that all burn 10 billion every month, we can burn 1 trillion #LUNC in 30 days. $1 $LUNC is closer then you think, we just need the development.

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Yes. Basic math is very helpful.

Now…How do you get those 100 apps and the users and the volume? I mean - that has been the tricky part.


from stopping asking for increase tax burn and focus on utility? More apps can join then

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It is difficult when there are so many negative people who behave like thorns that do not allow the development and growth of the blockchain.

yy true ! saw people making proposals good ones to be exact and toxic people were negative about it !
for that you cant do anything except if you take precautions (rules etc )
A lot of proposals without been 100% accurate are scams as all those drops every day someone is posting to promote his site so people can join there and lose their money ! We need some rules on proposals (Votes on forum in order to publich it on Terra station etc ?

I also think about that Lunc should be directly connect to Top ten market cap crypto coin.