How to BUN LUNC to 10 Billion within an Year

How to BURN LUNC to 10 Billion within an year

How to BURN LUNC to 10 Billions within an year . For This (Terra Rebels) have to launch two tokens AFT 1 & AFT 2

  1. Buyers have to buy AFT 1 with their LUNC
  2. The LUNC Collected is to be sent to Official LUNC BURN Address
  3. AFT 2 Should be airdropped to Buyers of AFT 1

Great idea. I was thinking the same. May be start another token with 2 billion supply under Lunc and whoever burns certain amount of lunc will get another token airdropped.

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Luna classic will be the only token. There will be no other tokens except Luna classic. If you want to issue a token, make it yourself.


Where will the capital of AFT2 come from? It cannot be created out of nothing. You also have to keep in mind that when you burn lunc you are throwing money away. The solution would be to create something that is more efficient than taxes

Why does it have to be in billions? Make it in thousands. Use the community funds. Disallow buy/sell. Repeg lunc to that coin. And we start burning lunc. Besides 10% goes to community pool anyway. So the amount burnt will increase