How to use pagination to retrieve all tokens of a given NFT collection

        "limit": 30,
        "start_after": 1000 // this is not working
  ).then(res => {

I am struggling to use pagination to get all NFT details in a collection. Is there any resource on how to user start_after I can refer to ? . What do you think I am doing wrong here ?

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Hey kasunOMG!

A few things, first off the answer depends on the collection you are trying to paginate. A few of the early collections on Terra unfortunately have a bug that prevents pagination using all_tokens. More details on the bug here:

Ultimately start_after is expecting a token_id not an offset. So if the contract is not affected by this bug you can use the token_id of the last token in the first query you make.

If you could share the collection Iā€™m happy to come up with an example!

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Hey Kasun! Try setting start_after to a string, not a number, where the string is the key (id) of the last token on page 1.

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