Latest circulating supply

Why there is a slight rise after 24 hours. It was 6.530… yesterday and now it is 6.531? Any thoughts? Is there still UST-LUNA swap?


they don’t care. they could have stopped inflation long time ago and didn’t.
did they want inflation? Yes, oh, no, or? Of course they wanted it! Do kwon, stop kidding us and act!!


I know nobody wants to have a chain pause but its mindblowing they had the capability and let the minting go for as long as they did


If the main mechanism is moving coins over pos . Then a 0.01 apy inflation ± . Nothing major currently

Without it - dead chain no luna to anyone

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I assume Do Kwon wanted inflation. For whatever reason. (Political reasons? Corruption? Scam? We dont know…) But he watched and did nothing. Thats a fact! Even now. He does not care. No lifesign, no leadership, no responsibility,… NOTHING!!!

its not increasing, its supply from cross chain moving around

ie: arbitrage from converting wluna to luna and selling on binance and vice versa