Question about LUNA supply and value

Could someone please explain what’s the plan regarding LUNA supply? It seems that with the current pace of LUNA being minted, the supply will be astronomically huge till enough UST is burned. Maybe trillions, quadrillions? 1 LUNA will be virtually zero. What’s gonna happen with the previous LUNA holders who were completely diluted? What’s the plan to handle LUNA hyper-inflation. Thanks!

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I have the same question mate. This means that Luna has an infinite supply. So when the luna supply created just now will be burned?

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We’re basically at the point of bids drying up and no more brrr brrr brrr to provide UST exit liquidity. Now UST can begin to drop to 0 and both LUNA and UST will be worthless.

The only way this turns around is if minting stops. STOP THE MINT.

Minting LUNA to try to keep the peg did nothing but loot the LUNA holders in favor of the wallets who caused this crash in the first place.