Let USTC quickly re-peging USD

Specific plan:

1: When 1 USTC< 1USD the USTC holder can reward the same number of USTC,and sell the USTC before 1USTC ≥ 1USD without reward.

2: The rewarded USTC is mortgaged with LUNA of the same value, airdropped and randomly pledged to the validator

3: When 1USTC≥ 1USD,the rewarded USTC is released daily at a rate of about 18% per year, and the pledged LUNA is officially redeemed.

4: For the reward of USTC holders under the chain, the specific block height of the snapshot shall be uniformly released after USTC pegs to USD, and the EXC will air drop the reward to USTC holders.

5: When 1USTC > 1USD, 1 dollar LUNC can exchang for 1 dollar USTC. At the same time, 1 dollar USTC has be mined and 1 dollar LUNC has be burned.

6: Open storage agreements and licenses to provide stable revenue.

7: Official announcement of activity rules on social media.

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