Best way to compensate USTC victims

Due to the failure of the algorithmic stablecoin mechanism, the decoupling of USTC from one dollar has resulted in heavy losses for those who bought USTC. It is now recommended to bind USTC and LUNA together, and use the correct mechanism to make USTC an algorithmic stablecoin. Because LUNA2.0 appeared to save Victims, and LUNC appeared because arbitrageurs attacked the network, so LUNC was handed over to the community to play freely, and LUNA returned to USTC, making USTC an algorithmic stable currency. We can call LUNA2.0 the savior.

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It is recommended to limit the arbitrage profit to a maximum of 1% to ensure the healthy operation of the system.

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Set the arbitrage profit to a maximum of 1%, specifically: when 1USTC>1$, turn on LUNA burning mode; example: when 1USTC=2$, you need 1.99 USD LUNA to exchange 1USTC, you can earn 0.01 USD, 3.98 USD LUNA exchange 2USTC, you can earn 0.02 USD, when 1USTC=1.003$, 1 USD LUNA is exchanged for 1USTC, you can earn 0.003 USD, 2 USD LUNA is exchanged for 2USTC, you can earn 0.006 USD. When 1USTC<1$, turn on the USTC burning mode ;Example: When 1USTC=0.5$, it needs 1.98 USTC to exchange 1 USD LUNA, earning 0.01 USD, 3.96 USTC exchange for 2 USD LUNA, earning 0.02 USD, when 1USTC=0.995$, 1 USTC exchange for 1 USD LUNA , earning $0.005. The lower the arbitrage profit, the closer the USTC is to $1

Not possible mate, try to do that and LUNAC will be finished again, let’s look forward, what is in the past is there, focus right now, what we can do right now to repeg USTC? USTC almost naturally pegged at 0.01 USD

I wrote a petition that could be signed by UST investors and the community at large in order to (hopefully) receive a refund directly from the various exchanges.