Luna V2 - everyone are EQUAL!

I’m reading the proposals and all I can see is cheap manipulation and greediness by interested parties that seeking to abuse the situation!

There are many users, starting from big $B investors all day to individuals that hold one token, They have all been there for Terra! and they all lost and bleed EQUALLY the same %. Some of them bought more when the price went down, to recover their losses, others bought the deep as they were supposed to, believing in Terra that it may be bounced back, and maybe even a few probably contribute their funds from pure ideology to save other people from losses. At the end, they have ALL been there FOR Terra!!! each on his one way, and all as one big community keep fighting to go on, and bleeding as they do so. so now there is no room to leave ANYONE behind, regardless what are the reasons or timing they bought their tokens. first because it’s not the right thing to do to other people in general and certainly not to Terra’s community that right now needs more than everything to regain trust in the project decisions. , and second, it will anyway not going to hold in court against class action law sue, due to obvious discrimination.

Everyone is EQUAL. it doesn’t matter if they hold Luna or UST, on-chain or off-chain, on terra networks or other networks, on their wallet or on their CEX wallet, if it’s staking or liquid. they are ALL EQUAL!!!

And if the decision will be to re-launch LUNA, or re-lunch UST, it’s fine. and if the decision will be to set a $10, or $1, $0.1, or whatever as a baseline price for Luna v2, it’s also fine. AS LONG that this baseline price and the ability to convert v1 to v2 will be open in a fair way for EVERYONE!

and if the decision will include special rules, like a staking period when converting v1 to v2, to prevent from dumpers hurting the v2 price, it’s fine as well, as long that those rules will apply to EVERYONE including the team and funders equally., NO ONE will get better terms over others. we are ALL on the same boat, now it’s up to us if you want that boat to survive or die due to the wrong decisions


I support your proposal.

Todos son iguales ??? Estás diciendo que el que tiene 10 millones de token ahora , comprados a 6 ceros?? Es igual al que compro por sobre los $10 Usd , y ni hablando de los holder por sobre los $40 USD… Los que compraron en el momento crítico no deben recibir NADA , así hayan puesto $15 mil USD