Lunc Combustion Boiler

Create a staking system for Lunc. Determine the percentage of stakes that will cause the least damage to the algorithmic computation, with a minimum duration of 30 days to be staked.
Set the name of the stake as Lunc burner in an article open to people, add a counter that the amount from the lunc stake is sent to the burner, send 100% lunc from the stake to the burn, there will be no decrease in the amount of the community, only the percentage from the stake will be sent to the burner on the white paper add, in this case, it is possible to get a burn that will exceed 35%, it is in the hands of the builders to make adjustments on the algorithm, and 20% of the lunc community will welcome this issue. If you evaluate this situation, I hope that all cyripto assets on Terraform will come to a very good place and the black spot on it will be removed. The one who tries to seize Lunc (known wallet) will also be eliminated in this case.
I may have shortcomings, but it is up to you to improve them.

Where do you think staking rewards come from? Your proposal needs a lot of explanation!

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Yes, the current supply will have increased again, but every time the rising supply is burned, this will cause more investors to come in, for example, a quota will be placed in this transaction. In this case, trust comes to the investor and after ustc is equal to 1 dollar, the stakes are completely burned and the stake is closed.

please see this proposal as well, would love to hear your thoughts

The method of reducing the inflation in the money is to increase the inflation without damaging its current value, in this case, the ustc will be relieved. A little more supply is printed and if there is a continuous burn of input and output structures on stake, lunc also ustc will come to $ 1 in 3 months and trust is regained by traders trading, then trillion trillion supply will be burned, this situation will have a huge impact in luna 2.0