Staking burn

To increase lunc burns without affecting trade profits.

the burns are super efficient, it’s a shame that not all brokers have joined our cause, our community is very strong, so much so that a lot of people put their luncs in staking to raise the price, the problem is that luncs in staking don’t generate burns, and in the future they will delay the process, so I have a suggestion that would help the whole community, without aggressively affecting the pocket.

My proposal is as follows, burn staking, but nothing aggressive since each broker has its own staking percentage, it would be burning 2% or 10% of the automatic staking profit, for example I have 4M staking on binance, which generates me 500 luncs per day, then instead of this amount dropping in my account, it would drop 450 in the case of 10% or 490 in the case of 2% is chosen, I know it seems little at first glance, but if you add up everything that is generated in staking for all people, it would give a very expressive value.

I’m sorry for any word wrong i’m from Brazil and i dont speaking english very well

It could be a good option if the whole community makes a little sacrifice to reduce the supply

Greetings @Fabio_Paiva from Brazil

The core issue here is that only 10% of the supply is staked and 90% is not.

Stakers carry for more RISK than non stakers.

Perhaps read this thread to better understand.

To burn 12% staking rewards Lunc (Proposal ID: 5176) - Governance & Proposals - Terra Research Forum

There is another thing. ATM most investors, including myself - restake. And the question - Is there any idea how to reduce the staking pool when it is close to the circulating supply? Maybe it sounds irrational, but shouldn’t we take some kind of proportional hard cap on the total staking pool until we reach our 10B goal?

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