JESUSisLORD Validator Roadmap - Vision for Luna Classic (LUNC) - 15 February 2023

This is the righteous Christian vision for LUNC that I believe in, as God has led me. These points are subject to further advice from the Lord Jesus Christ, discussion, and community wishes, and may be subject to change. I will work towards achieving these following goals with my validator JESUSisLORD, using my voting power for the betterment of LUNC and its investors.

This post serves as a clear communication to my delegators, and the community, of what I hope to be accomplished for LUNC.

I believe the future of LUNC rests in being an important deflationary store of value, a source of continued competitve passive income through staking, and providing every day utility and spending convenience for years to come.

JESUSisLORD Principles/Goals for LUNC

  1. Never allow minting, inflation mechanisms, or reverse splits. LUNC must remain a deflationary coin. We must burn the supply down to a sustainable level and never increase it. We must also fund our basic needs as a chain, such as the community pool and oracle staking rewards pool, without being dependent upon outside funding. We must block dangerous and potentially fatal experiments to the LUNC chain.

  2. Raise the on-chain LUNC burn tax to between 0.4% to 1.5%, and partially exempt dapps to the on-chain tax.

  3. Adjust the upgraded burn AnteHandler (when passed) to send 10% to 30% of the on-chain burn tax directly to the community pool. 90% to 70% will remain solely for burning.

  4. CAP the community pool at between 2 to 6 billion LUNC ($340k to $1.02M USD at price $0.00017, which will be worth much more as LUNC gains in value).

  5. Implement an automatic overflow on the community pool after the CAP is reached, where 100% is sent to the oracle rewards pool. We must fund staking rewards for the long term sustainability of LUNC. By funding the oracle rewards pool we can ensure good staking rewards for years ahead, which will continue to attract more investors.

  6. Lower the staking lockup time to 14 days from 21 days to provide more incentive to stake and more flexibility, while still preserving stability.

  7. Increase gas fees 2x to 10x from current values on all transactions for further funding to the community pool and oracle rewards pool. Gas on withdrawing staking rewards could possibly be exempted from further raises, as increasing this can harm auto-compounding for smaller investors who stake.

  8. Petition Binance to burn their trading fees on USTC. We can pass a governance signalling proposal to this effect. This alone could lead to $1+ USTC within a few years, no dangerous re-peg experiments necessary.

  9. Petition Binance via community efforts to increase their LUNC burning and implement off-chain burn tax higher than 0.1% fees. Assess this after Binance has begun burning again.

  10. Petition via community efforts other exchanges to adopt an off-chain burn tax for LUNC. Whitelist exchanges internal wallets from on-chain tax who agree to an off-chain LUNC burn tax (on buy and sells), such as Kucoin etc.

  11. Promote more adoption of LUNC. This includes petitioning Coinbase to list LUNC, having LUNC available on payment services, having LUNC fully integrated on Ledger Live, having LUNC available on Trezor, having a LUNC debit/credit card so we can easily make payments in LUNC. Invite useful dapps to build on and offer their services on the LUNC chain. Any more beneficial adoption and partnerships should be considered.

  12. Repeal the minimum 5% validator commission proposal #11322 which passed, to allow free-market operation, better choices for delegators, price competition between validators, without unnecessary restrictions. LUNC is a decentralised coin which must have capitalism with minimum restrictions, not socialism/communism.

  13. Meet and exceed technical parity with LUNA V2 but by no means whatsoever merge or pair LUNC to them. LUNC should remain independent, and careful possible use of USTC and other classic coins can be considered.

  14. Continue to reject divisive attacks and toxic individuals who wage war against LUNC and its community.

These are the principles and proposals I believe in and will pursue to accomplish with my validator JESUSisLORD over time, whether days, months or years, as part of fulfilling the righteous Christian vision for LUNC, and to protect it. God has given me many prophetic dreams about LUNC, and I believe LUNC will rise greatly and be very important to the Christian people.

For believers in Christ I encourage you to pray for the fulfillment of the Lord’s will for LUNC for His people, and to pray against the forces of darkness which attack LUNC.

If you agree with my cause you are welcome to delegate with me at JESUSisLORD, and to assist me in achieving higher voting power to influence governance and to achieve these goals. Thank you to all my delegators.

God bless you. Brother in Jesus Christ, Christopher Harris.


How is the is a governance proposal? This is you pushing your business. This post should be removed.


You are preaching not proposing. If you want to propose then remove the part asking people to delegate with you and break the rest down into actual proposals that detail the whats, whys and hows. Otherwise it is just a round-about way to promote your business.


I didn’t preach the gospel of Jesus Christ here, my post is about concrete proposals and my vision for what would make LUNC successful based on my beliefs and what I want to accomplish with my validator. Yes I mentioned if people agree with these proposals they can delegate with me to help me achieve them. This is a follow up and further refinement from my prior vision thread here where I discussed numerous topics in more detail
Vision for lunc.

As to more detail for the proposals mentioned here, the what is already stated. For 2. We need a higher burn rate, the current rate is too low. We shouldn’t just rely on outside burns like Binance but should have a good tax on chain, I support at least 0.4% but higher if the community was receptive. The dapps exemption dfunk proposed but didn’t go for voting I support that and believe we should pass that so we can raise the burn tax without harshly impacting dapps.

  1. The new tax Antehandler is up for vote and depending on the final amount (not sure if it starts at 50/50 or 90/10), I believe we should have a 90 to 70% burn and 10 to 30% split to CP for funding. With the increased burn rate we can really accelerate our CP funding.

4 and 5. The CAP on the community pool is so after the pool is filled to the CAP, all funds flow over to the oracle rewards pool. The funding rate will be high, which will lead to ensure long term sustainability in staking rewards, while ensuring good burns. The CAP I set is sufficient for our funding needs at this time, and as LUNC rises in value the CAP will be worth a lot more.

  1. I believe we should lower the staking lock up time to 14 days to encourage more staking, and this is a good amount of time for stability but giving people more flexibility. I have undelegated several times before and that last week is really difficult.

  2. I believe the gas fees are still too cheap and could use further increases so we can have more funding for CP and oracle pool rewards.

  3. A signalling proposal like we did for the exchanges to burn off-chain back in the day may help us result in Binance burning their USTC fees. If they did we could break $1 in a few years as USTC has a small supply and is easier to burn than LUNC.

  4. The other methods are community led projects for getting more exchanges to burn off-chain using the wallet whitelist as an incentive and community pressure. Also further adoption is being signalled with what I hope LUNC will be able to achieve in the future.

This isn’t a spam thread I am serious about these proposals for LUNC. It doesn’t mean I’m ready to put them up for a vote right now, as that depends on community sentiment. I’m a validator with only 1% voting power I don’t have a big vote when it comes to important issues. I wanted to share what I believe is good for LUNC. This post is also to signal to the community my priorities my validator will work towards over time, whether days, months or years, and those who agree with these proposals are welcome to support me to achieve them. I believe these are worthwhile proposals and it is good for me to post them for others to see, and I will refer back to this thread.


Thanks man for your involvement. It’s a good and detailed recap, the only thing I’ve to argue is that maybe in this section is better to open topics for single points instead of including all in one post

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Sorry Chris, but this is your Validators internal strategy. Which I mostly find agreable with may I add. This is not governance however. Non of it is immediately actionable nor planned to be put forward for a vote. Nevertheless appreciate many of the ideas listed. Will be happy to support some of these point when time comes.

why is this in governance proposal section? if you really want to shill your validator do it on twitter like all the other “influencers” do not here

I disagree. Why does my validators governance strategy have to be internal and not allowed to be shared on the governance forum?

That is not a requirement to make a post in the governance forum. How many other posts would you criticise by the same standard?

That’s directly wrong as I am planning to put every proposal to vote when I feel it’s the right time and it has a good chance to pass.

That’s why I made the thread. I have posted about some of these ideas before here with very little interest. How can I proceed to vote if no one cares or is interested? I need to build support for a proposal. Now I’m being told I can’t even post about my proposals and vision for LUNC on this forum. I think if everyone stopped trying to be the forums mall cop it would benefit everyone.

Put a shirt on and read the post which has at least 8 proposals I intend to put up for vote in time. This is the outline and discussion thread for my various proposals, my vision for what is good for LUNC. This is the same post I made on Twitter and Telegram. This is to share my governance vision for LUNC on the governance forum for LUNC and I wanted to post the same message which I worked on carefully. Do you think influencers (I don’t call myself that) come to Agora to farm engagement? My post is about my governance vision for LUNC that I will try to fulfill with my validator.

I think 8 or 9 posts in the forum would be worse at this time than 1. When I’m ready to proceed to vote I may make a dedicated thread to that particular idea beforehand.

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Not gonna argue as I agree with majority of the stuff on the list. Best of luck to you.

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Please stop all religious discussion! It’s getting all but annoying now. We ain’t here for faith!


Flag my comments all you want this do not belong on this forum


This. Refrain from self-promotion and missionary statements in governance.


Beware False Profits…