LUNC Lotto Site Burn 40% of profits

Hi we are thinking of launching a Lotto site who accepts Lunc and the prizes are pay in Lunc also to help the cause we can Burn 40% of all profits.
To make it fair the results would be determinative by the Costa Rica national Lotto so if for example the national lotto winning number is #4 so it would be the same in the site
Let me know what you think, and if you like the idea.


The widespread use of the Luna Classic token around the world increases the user base and positively affects the price of the token.


Agree with the Lotto plans for a favorable Luna classic, LUNC.

Very supportive


You may hit some regulatory trouble though as this would be gambling and every country and states within countries have their own gambling laws which may apply (even internationally)

That will be great, i support it