Casino on LUNC

I’m not a dev so I don’t know if this is possible or not.

Some years ago while I had Tron in my portfolio I was completely hooked by an application developed on tron platform. I believe it was called TRONbet ( more details on this link TRONbet Strategy — Double your TRON tokens, Accumulate “Ante” tokens | by Miguel Antunes | Medium ) . In short time they managed to develop a huge community and it was pretty funny to play.

Such an app could help us decrease the LUNC oversupply because of the tax burn. If people will move tens of millions LUNC daily through this app, the burn will be significant.


Lunc ustable. For Casino needed pegged ustc.

Not necessarily. Earnings and losses in LUNC. It’s up to you if you want to convert in fiat or other cryptos.

we need dapps with real and meaningful value. And not gambling that only drains users.

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All want dapps with meaningful value, but no one give a good idea, of which one can be that.
Instead of just be critic on other proposal make a better one. Thanks

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Until we have those dapps every single dapp that can lower the oversupply is more than welcome.

So it looks like somebody already had this idea in mind.
Casino Coming To Terra Classic


This is very interesting.

We’ve built something similar to this check our profile for the link to the website we for some reason cannot post new topics yet.

Trying to create some fun in these strange times and inspire new devs and projects to build on the classic chain!

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