LUNC new revival plan

I came up with a plan that might allow the Luna Classic to live again. I let you take a look at it this plan was proposed by the community for the community.


Propose 2975 let’s go and vote.


Terra you are really terrible. I lost all investment to support Luna. You can simply burn everything and eatup retail investors money

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My Beloveds!
I would like to remind you that Mr. Kwon, is Korean. Since he is Korean, Korea will defend him as a citizen. I would also like to remind you that Korea is a very, very rich country compared to many other nations. I don’t need to mention the number of companies that are strongly consolidated in the international market. Ex. Samsung, LG, Hyundai… etc… So, in the last case, in order not to pass this shame, they will unite power and assume all the damage and restore Terra-Classic and Terra 2.0 in the blink of an eye…
Don’t underestimate South Korea. They are very good at everything they get their hands on. I have already worked in the SAP environment with several of their teams… I loved it, they are extremely intelligent, disciplined and very united!
Will be all right!