Burning mechanism to #Lunc ( old Luna)

We’re proposing a TAX & BURN mechanism to be added to the current Lunc.

3% TAX on all transactions of which the breakdown is 2% Burn (idea reduce Max supply)+ 1% stored in the official treasury to hold as collateral for UST holders (this haves to study, the idea is to help those ones that have UST before depeg)

In addition to this we propose removing the link between UST and current LUNA + Remove minting ability on current Lunc.

The above proposal will ensure original LUNC can reduce its supply efficiently, and this condition should be true until the max supply is 1 billion. after that, we propose that the max supply can never be changed again.

the motivation is to help the holders of luna (lunc), to get some of their investment back.

the proposal is for the Luna official team, to publicly defend the burning mechanism, share the official burning address, and be transparent. and suggest to the exchanges to implement this action, plus in all transactions under terra station to be charge this burning fee as well. we ask all validators and devs to support this proposal, and to not Lunc d i e…only together we can do this…
this is a living document please, if you have any other suggestions, please share them…we are THE community !!!


I cant create posts on the forum, only reply to posts, why is that?

The proposal is the 2975 , on classic luna


Please share this proposal with the main : 3% Tax+Burn:

didn’t vote :loudspeaker:Please ask them to vote:

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Vote guys… .mexc exchange is already doing it…


we need to get this proposal whitelisted


If taxed 3%, Who want make a transaction ??


How can we do that? Do you know?

New to the community


As far as I understand it must be some moderator or developer, once the proposal is included in the white list, people must know that when logging into the terra station by default the Luna 2.0 network is configured, which, through web browser currently cannot be changed, it must be in the desktop app. Once people know that, vote and try to get the remaining active validators who agree with the proposal to also vote to at least reach a Quorum so that the proposal can be executed.


Bump, whitelist this please. Tag mods/devs if you have their usernames, thank you.


This will not happen. Because there is no further development for the old Luna.

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Can you move some stuff,to make it happen…let me know as well how to talk too…tag the moderator or the validators as well…let’s make this happen…


A tax of 3% is too high. It is enough to introduce a tax of no more than 1% so that in a year there will be about 10 billion tokens left. If a large tax is introduced, the daily trading volume will be greatly reduced.


Agree. I think 0.1% is more enough for tax burn


Haves to be something more 1% will be to slow

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This is just a proposal for a suggestion this can be adjusted as we go… please give feedback and tag validators

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Is there any social media tube to follow that what the community plan to do ?

I’m highly disappointed in the terra family about their revival plan. The revival plan is actually bias. After your so called pre attack shot, the price of LUNA was expensive(between $2-10). Many of us bought Luna after the 7th May at expensive price. So the terra family should have considered these victims even though the pre attack wasn’t captured but at least they deserve a better compensation. Take this into consideration because two of my friends have their lives destroyed


That’s way I don’t believe alot in the new Luna , hopelly ,it gets better…but let’s work on the lunc as well…vote on this proposal…whitelist the proposal as well…we already have 7 million votes and this is day one…

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How much votes can I submit if I have 100000 LUNC? 1, 100K? Or is it necessary to cooperate with someone?

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