.LUNC web3 domain & messenger+social media and more, All in One App. First use Case on LUNC Blockchain to generate fiat USD revenue aswell

Dear LUNC Community,
first of all I would like to apologize for my limited English skills.
I am a German entrepreneur and besides the German language, I also speak Portuguese fluently, but English unfortunately only limited.

I am happy to be part of this growing community and I think a lot of LUNC and I am convinced that together we can achieve great things.
Our primary goal currently seems to be to increase the value of LUNC by burning it.
Then through technical optimizations make it easier for web3 developers to build dApps on the luna classic blockchain.
In the end, even many bad coin projects on the LUNC blockchain could bring us forward, as by using the chain, they pay gas fees and generate an increase in volume.
However, bad coin projects do not bring a good reputation to a blockchain.
The focus should therefore not only be on how demand can be increased organically, but at the same time without loss of transparency.
Example: BNB Smart Chain is mainly known for many bad coin projects, on the one hand they generate a lot of gas fees, on the other hand the transparency of a chain suffers. It is a curse and a blessing at the same time.

I would therefore like to propose a concept which LUNC not only regularly brings revenue on the blockchain, but in the future should also generate fiat revenue in the real economy and thereby many who do not know LUNC at all, because they have never dealt with any cryptocurrencies, but can unconsciously contribute to the growth of LUNC and the blockchain, in which they use services, but these can be paid in fiat currencies, which end up in LUNC or USTC on the luna Classic Blockchain and are burned.
So we generate fiat money and buy back LUNC or USTC to burn it.

The plan:
I’m sure many of us already know .eth or .bnb.
This does not mean the coin itself, but these abbreviations are also the ending of a web3 domain. e.g. myname.eth
The advantage is that these domain names can not only represent your digital identity on the Ethereum or BSC blockchain, you can connect these domain names to your own wallet and then have the option to use your own domain name to receive or send coins instead of the long wallet address.
Luna Classic is well known enough that many will be interested in having their own name with .LUNC.
And this would lay the foundation for future use cases that .lunc domains will have.

Brief Explanation:
A .lunc domain would technically be nothing more than an NFT of a specified smart contract on the lunc blockchain.
Those who want to own their own .lunc domain would do nothing different after paying the fee to mint their desired name with .lunc as long as the desired name is still available.
The own .lunc domain would then be held in the wallet like an nft, because technically it is a nft.
To anticipate the question, yes anyone could develop their own smart contract and offer .lunc as a domain.
In other words, if someone owns the name david.lunc, then that person is secured the corresponding domain name, but only within the smart contract.
Since blockchain are decentralized such things cannot be prevented theoretically. This also applies to eth domains via a new smart contract.
It is not like in the web2 world, e.g. .com domains. There is only one issuing authority for this.
Web3 domains can be copied by newly created smart contracts, because they are only nfts with the corresponding specified name within the smart contract.
So that copies are not to be prevented.
Nevertheless this is not a problem.
We have two options to prevent something like this.

  1. we take the liberty to ban and blacklist all smart contracts on the chain that copy the original community defined smart contract for .lunc domains.
  2. or we ignore it, because in the end it’s the usability that counts.
    Because to use lunc domains to send and receive coins, the corresponding wallets & dApps must integrate and accept it.
    Otherwise it is just a worthless nft with no use.
    So the plan is that Terra Station as well as Rebel Station and Trustwallet join in and make the adjustment that the corresponding contract with the official .lunc domain names can be integrated and used to receive and send coins with it on the Terra Classic Blockchain.

The goal is to achieve so much adaptation that .
lunc domains get official recognition from all applications that are part of Luna Classic.
This would have created the first use case for .lunc domains, where a corresponding high demand should be achieved.

The next step is to make CEX like Binance accept .lunc domains, so that users sending lunc can also use the lunc domain via binance instead of the long address.
In addition, it should also be possible to mint lunc domains via Binance.
Since Binance is a big supporter of lunc, this should not be a problem, in addition binance can keep a part as commission for all minted lunc domains on their platform.

Overall, the management and registration / mint of lunc domains via a separate dApp,
in addition it would be advisable that terra station and rebel station offer the possibility to manage and mint lunc domains there aswell.
This would make it easier for users to own their own lunc domain.

Here is a summary of the process:
Chapter 1:

  1. development of smart contract for .lunc domains
  2. development of own dApp to register and manage lunc domains.
  3. integration lunc domain to manage and mint in Terra Station & Rebel Station
  4. integration so that via Terra station/ Rebel Station (and Trustwallet) .lunc domains can be used to send and receive coins, on luna Classic Blockchain.
  5. start the mints from .lunc domain name (maybe first with a presale.)
  6. aim for Binance and other cex collaboration so that .lunc domain on binance/other cex can also be minted and lunc domain names can be used to send lunc & ustc.
  7. in the own dApp offer the possibility that lunc domains can be offered for sale.
    Per successful sale a fee will be charged.

With this, we would have completed chapter 1 and a big step would already have been achieved.
Following on from this, we would then start with the development of our own messenger and in the future move in the direction of social media app.
First as a web3 application and then later as app for the popular app stores (IOS and Android) and a desktop version.

The first ambition should be to enable that on the own developed dApp and also the possibility on the Terra Station & Rebell Station, users with the own lunc domain can add other users and chat with each other.
A simple version of Telegram,
but directly in the Terra Station/Rebell Station (desktop + mobile) as a separate menu icon in the user interface. (As well as in the own dApp)
This allows a form of communication with its own lunc domain, so as far as I know no other blockchain with their web3 domain offers ?!
People can interact more easily with others, they only need to own their domain name (settings allow users to decide whether and by whom they want to be found and contacted).
Single chats and group chats will be enabled in the first lunc messenger version.
The demand for lunc domains will increase even more, because only lunc domain owners can communicate.
Guaranteed is anonymity (no phone number or email as identity of the messenger is needed, but only lunc domains)
As well as a guaranteed verifiable end to end encryption based on an open source protocol.
Of course we will not be a competitor to Telegram or WhatsApp. This is not the plan yet.
But it is a big start and something new in the crypto space, one of many things you can do with a web3 domain and anonymous and encrypted secure writing via our own dApp.

This would then represent point 1 of capital 2.
The next step would be to add more features.
Then the integration of the app in ios and android to mix up to the real web2 world.
The difference will be that a lunc domain is no longer required, (should the lunc messenger be used via ios, android or other web2 platforms) also a phone number as known from Telegram, will be enabled.
Users get the possibility and are shown the advantages of having their own username with lunc domains.
Users can then switch to a lunc domain at any time as a username instead of the phone number. The payment can be done via web2 payment methods like credit card or paypal. This users stay in their familiar environment and do not have to deal with the crypto world at any time.

In the next step, the LUNC Messenger app will receive additional features:

  • the creation of groups (as known from Facebook)
  • add friends
  • post content publicly
  • have your own feed
  • create your own wallet address or connect terra station / Rebell station wallet
  • a marketplace area
  • a payment function to easily send and receive money from other users, directly through the LUNC Blockchain, with your own lunc domain.
  • and much more.

As you can see, once we have completed chapter 1 as described above, we can build a lot more on it and move more and more our offer towards the real economic world and let people who don’t know our blockchain and crypto world become a part of the LUNC community, in which they participate indirectly by using our offer which starts as dApp and web3 messenger and goes over to the web2 platform world and we as a community create a messenger app which will be usable both web3 and web2, which will realize the advantages of Telegram, Facebook, Ebay and Paypal in one app and all this controlled by the Lunc Blockchain and community.
This will generate more and more volume and revenue, especially from people who may never intend to have anything to do with crypto, but will unconsciously contribute to the value of luna classic by using the LUNC Messenger All in One app.

The great thing here is the cost, the concept is built so that we as a community only have to finance the development in the beginning, where through capital 1 would be fully implemented.
All further developments happen through the income we receive from LUNC domains, as well as the upcoming developments.

Since I would like to hear feedback from the community first, this contribution of mine represents only a part of the concept for now.
I have divided the entire concept around Lunc Domains, Lunc Messenger App as well as the All in One solution App for web2 and web3 in 3 chapter.

About the revenues:

As with web2 domains (.com / .org…) also web3 .lunc domains must be paid annually, otherwise the user loses his claim to it.

I imagine the pricing model as follows:
Lunc domain with a length of:
5 characters or more: 9,99$/ year
4 characters: 49,99$/ year
3 characters: 99,99$/year
2 characters: 499$/ year

The price will always remain the same in USD, but will always be paid in LUNC or optional USTC.
50% of the revenue will be burned
the other 50% will go into a new Community Developer Fund, where upcoming developments of the LUNC All in One Messenger App will be financed.

Furthermore the dApp with which you can mint/register lunc domains will also offer the possibility to sell lunc domains.
Per sale there will be a 5% commission,
which will also be split 50/50 between lunc burn and developer fund.

I’m not a developer myself, so I’m very curious to hear from experts how they would classify such a development.


With your money, you can create any tools and applications that use LUNC tokens.
You can charge a fee for using your apps.

The sense behind this is that it should be a community project and that it should be directly owned by the community and controlled by LUNC Holders and not by a created native token.

You are right, if someone with their own capital would implement this independently, then they would determine/decide everything themselves. Also, LUNC would not be used as a governance token, but a separate native token would be created for it.

The goal behind the project is that Lunc domains should be held and managed by the LUNC community and not have a private owner/new community with its own native token.


I understand what you’re talking about. Because I use Unstopabledomain, Only with the variant that if one buys Domain it’s his forever in WEB3 and so on. WEB3 domain with LUNC extension would be fantastic and useful. It would be enough to integrate UnstopableDomain with LUNC to have what you propose

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