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Usability of EUT on Terra Protocols
Once we have the needed liquidity to trade from and to $EUT we should discuss the usability of EUT on different protocols.

My question is if it would be easy to implement $EUT at Anchor, as there is no existing EUT reserve.

For example: could the retail user use Anchor with EUT and earn around 20%? My initial thought is no, as this would drain the yield reserve even faster, as there is more demand and not more assets to create revenue from.
So my guess is Anchor could yield 5% on EUT, without draining the reserve quickly. However this would be transitory, because we can create a proposal, which requires Anchor to accumulate a EUT reserve. This would be implemented either by TFL like with UST, or LFG, like the recent reserve refill.

Can someone with a tech background explain if implementing EUT on Anchor is possible?

Also are there any barriers with using EUT on Mirror?

If you have any knowledge regarding this, please let me know :slight_smile:

If you have any suggestions regarding this proposal please let me know^^