Message for the Entire Crypto Community

If you’re unwilling to fight TradFi and its henchmen head on and think they are just simply going to let you walk away and destroy their global monopoly on finance by creating various crypto protocols, good luck, you have no idea what’s in store for you.

This attack and the attack on crypto in general over the last year is to scare you out of crypto and force you back into their fiat pyramid scheme, which will eventually be replaced with CBDCs.

Collectively we must all say no to CBDCs, end their legal tender laws to allow the free market to determine what should be used for exchange, and say no to having their fraudulent fiat imposed on us, as it has been for well over a century.


They are not stupid. That’s why they all already in bitcoin and top altcoins. Dollar will get death spiral like Luna soon, cause it have same structure with Stocks-Dollar (Like UST-Luna). They need print more dollars (Lunas) to support absence of panic in stocks (UST). One of the reasons of this Luna crash may be test of Dollar crash. CBDC is fake, but real for use first time fake to get more crypto in treasure.

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If according to you, there was an attack, then free market determined what should/can be used for exchange. By destroying UST, which was tragic for some of us. But what’s that if not a free market behaviour?

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To be fair, the Luna drop wasn’t really an attack, it sounds like a group got together, knew how the system worked and used it to their advantage. From memory the Ethereum attack was the same, wasn’t it. Somebody in the know tipped the scales and when it was threatened that legal paths were being looked at, they issued a statement saying it was all 100% legal and they would take legal advice if anyone acted against them. Nobody did. Some people just see the matrix and others lose out, unfortunately

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lol what else could I expect from a TradFi shill. If a robber robs a bank, then the “free market” has determined that the depositors should lose their money.

@Marc_S posted evidence 1,000 times proving an attack not going to waste time posting it once more.

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Right they attacked themselves and their $40 billion project to make $3 billion and be under intense scrutiny.

Why are you offensive towards me? If one is here a shill, it’s clearly you.

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Because like fatman, you glow very brightly by spreading the exact same propaganda the TradFi shills have been spreading for weeks.

I was with Luna since it only had Mirror protocol, but you seem to be a very frustrated person.

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This was how I first perceived him too. I initially dismissed him as a conspiracy theorist, but the more I read him, and look into his claims, the more I have started to understand where he’s coming from.

Elsewhere he has mentioned warning of such attacks in the past too. And, you can find it. He did.

Perhaps that goes some way to explaining why he’s frustrated right now?

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I don’t see anything extreme about identifying the attackers and bringing them to justice. They basically committed an act of aggression against the community (and probably not their first time–> see Mirror), and they need to be exposed if we are truly going to move forward.

I can’t quite understand posts like these:

Marc_S “Some people just see the matrix”?? Like when you see that an old lady can’t defend herself, so you steal her purse? Like when the store doesn’t go after shoplifters so you just take whatever you want?

What kind of future do you want to live in? It is absolutely insane to profit off destroying people’s savings. I can’t process who would defend that or want it to continue.


Yeah… maybe it was an attack, maybe not… tbh… when you mint so many tokens and change the max supply from 333mrd to 7trillion, then for sure the price will drop drastically. It was them just maximize the supply and a strong fear selling trend because many people lost through that. So I dont really think that was an attack, they just acted stupid. Minting tons of supply without warning the community or sth is just… i dont know… stupid.

It was an attack to depeg UST and cause a bankrun. Ample evidence all over the place already proving this.

Jeah for sure… everyone lost ust because of that. But everyone who lost in Luna lost because of maximizing supply trying to stableize ust again… that was another fault tbh which cost many people money. Tbh… the only way back is reduce supply again… nothing else will work.

It was an act of terrorism - they induced terror in the masses to cause a bank run.

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