New Luna Token


The world has set its eyes on Terra. The 1:1 loss against the dollar has caused the biggest repercussion in the history of cryptocurrencies. For better or worse, there is global advertising. The debacle of the project exists if there is no solution. Faith is recoverable and trust is demonstrated by deeds. LUNA and UST have failed the Community, holders, and wholesale and retail investors, but the world does not end here.


Terra is on a mission. Restore trust… This must be done equitably. You are a short/medium/long term investor. Making a snapshot considering only the day May 9th of loss of the 1:1$ peg will create more tension among the community. Investors who deposited $UST in Anchor, small and large savings should be accommodated to seek a means not tied to the traditional banking system. $LUNA holders who kept the token in their personal wallet or exchange, buying it to…-preserve its value, to trust the project, for a short/medium/long return, to have liquidity or not to freeze it during the period of non-participation…

Luna/bluna holders (patients who get their Luna after 21/24 days) mint/burn/bet and their Cluna/Xluna variants, etc…investors who joined Luna after learning of the situation. Investors who wanted not to lose their funds after the UST crash and continued to buy until the last minuteWhether they are retail or wholesale investors, they are entitled to a 1:1 fair rate on their investment at the time of purchase. The person who owns it is also an investor as such. At some point in your life you will sell because you want to make a profit.


Fast action reigns here. Developments must start from now!
Generating a new blockchain takes time. Opting for the one that is already there would be your thing. You have the product, you have their eyes on you, “you have ruined many lives” help them…
→ Create LUNA v2 by FORK
→ Make a statement to all users
→ Send the same amount of tokens held on May 13, 2022 (time of cessation of trading activities by the exchange with the largest volume “Binance”)
→ Give incentives like Staking programm that in base of the number of tokens you’ve got you can lock on terrastation or CEX and take an high APY 150~75% in base of staking duration like Axie Infinity did with AXS to preserve the high price also and gives the community and opportunity…
→ We have the basis of hyperinflation, so staking would help limit it create an initial method of burning 1000 to 1 tokens (or use these locked funds for staking / reserve against unforeseen events and establish a large monthly burn.)
→ Create CEX competitions with airdrops of LUNA V2 tokens
→ Spot trading will start 6-7 days after staking… that way it guarantees a non-low starting price for all LUNA believers to placate their past losses.

Regarding the UST token…
→ Airdrop to UST holders 1:1 at the same moment of end trading operations → May 13th
and with a more aggressive and sequential burning mechanism of LUNA
Change the equation: 1Ust is generated by 100 LUNA V2


Fuck new token

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I propose to make 100 new tokens. Assign a price of $100 to each (surely at least 5 billion people will buy them) and the way to the Moon is open.