New #lunatic joining during the storm: motivation, and plea for advice

I heard that the true value of TerraLuna is not into its coins, but into its community! And I would love to be part of it!
Let me tell you why…
(but also skip to my TECHNICAL QUESTION if you would like to offer advice)

I am new to the Crypto World and I have only started investing in late March. What a regret, as I turned out to discover myself to be an avid reader of blockchain whitepapers! But it was your ecosystem and community had caught my attention since the beginning.

I am strongly convinced that at the foundation of the next phase of the humanity, there will be blockchains that are well, safe and innovative. This is was what I saw when I read of Luna for the first time.

What you are building is not only a financial tool, but much more. It can be the sparkle that will change our economy for the future to be. But for this project to take off and take the place it deserves. It needs to be also “resilient to financial attacks”. After last days crisis I can’t imagine a better group of people, and a stronger motivation, to find a solution that won’t only allow Luna to be reborn from its ashes but it will lead the Crypto safety game to a whole new level!

We have seen that panic can do when a bank run starts. So for Luna 2.0, I would like to see an algorithm that is better tuned to deal to the raw unpredictability and the volatility of human sentiments. If despite all your effort LUNA/ANCHOR were not ready yet, then we still have a need for bright minds, and a lot of motivation. I heard here you have both!

And I know we have all lost al lot here (mentally, economically…), but there is a brighter side to everything.
You have just got rid from the community of all those people that were here only for the money, and the prospect of easy gains. Who is left now is here to stay, and they are here because they are hopeful and optimistic this project will keep growing. So I cannot imagine a better and more motivated group of people to rebuild from the ruins, and produce the change that the ecosystem needs, and lead the next generation of cryptocurrencies: safe, fast, lucrative (or useful), but also resilient to quick market-fluctuation.

Public opinion may look at Luna with mistrust. But true blockchain believers look at you with hope and desire to see change.

I do have really strong hope in the time to be, and I can’t wait to see the results of your future work.
You shall not only try to cut the losses. You shall build for a brighter future!

Best wishes for phase 2! :rocket::ringer_planet:

(what can we do to be a part of it?)

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FLUX can be the next blockchain !
If rebuild here. Name the new Token TERRA so we’ll surely not derivate in space :smiley: