An opportunistic investor talking to LUNA community

im in crypto for many years and i learned that buying the dip is a risk and people should do it after some research to know if it have or not any perspective. I did checked this project and told to myself yep, strong community, interesting developers & based on that I did bought a considerable amount of this coins.

Now I’m learning that I’m an opportunistic cockroach and based on that I don’t deserve more than 0,0000014477 coins on the new chain per LUNA I own…

Actually I will get only 0,000000216 coins per LUNA because 85% will be blocked for 2 years.

Im shocked…

Im even more shocked that so far no logs or proves has been provided about the 80 000BTC which was “spent to save UST”…

Aswell no information about exchange support of that new chain… I’m scared guys that we all got scammed and they just trying to make us fight between each other so we don’t focus on real matters.

We should force them to provide logs and proofs about that failed attempt to save UST. that’s the first thing we need to get so we can evaluate the credibility and perspective of future actions done by this team.

Please understand that i did already lost also a big amount of money and I’m just looking for more information to evaluate and think about what i should do.


Yeah the people screwed the most don’t include current buyers now because they can buy by the boatloads, but the transitory period were they were hyperinflating seriously mostly late 5/11 and early 5/12 when it started going from a billion to 100s of billions. They will be lumped into the 6.5 Trillion marketcap instead of their respective market caps when they purchased. This will make their stake in the Luna ~ 0.

I’ve attached an updated calculator posted by another member in this forum. You can now use coingecko to determine your supply at the time you bought between 5/8 - 5/15. To do this look at the graph of price and market cap. Divide the marketcap/price to get the circulating supply at your time. Enter it into this sheet to get a estimate of what your true return should be instead of the 6.5Trillion circulating supply grouping for everyone after 5/7.

Here is a calculation for distributions for 10% holders. Basically for Luna V2 investment for them to break even it will need to reach about $10.4 dollars AFTER 2 years.

Current Cost:Old Luna → New Luna / V2 tokens at Genesis / V2 tokens after full vesting (2-year)

$50:332446 → 4.8 / 0.72 /4.09 / 10.4

$151:1,000,000 → 14.47 / 2.17 / 12.3

$1510:10,000,000 → 144.7 / 21.17 / 123

$5000:33,131,648 → 479 / 71.94 / 407.7

$15100:100,000,000 → 1447 / 211.7 / 1230

Luna V2 Break Even Price ~ $10.43

Luna V2 Break Even Marketcap: 10.43 billion

Basically, it will be worthless.


With stake in Metatheory and Chainflips used as collateral by Validators to provide economic security to the network. The protocol charges a fee between 0.10% and 0.20% for every swap. This fee is used to buy and burn FLIP tokens directly from the Chainflip AMM may be back and forth on the table.

That’s fair, at least team should know that.

We are getting completely rekt

Please open a thread and let the people know

Its fair for everyone


If you do not intend to cheat, why not support this system?
I invested $ 1,000 in $ 85, and after the fall I invested another $ 75,000 in support.
How can the Ramzar community trust you?
When, instead of supporting the immediate system, you ran away from it and decided to start a new system by manipulating it.
If you do this and grab it, you will destroy yourself
You also destroyed people’s capital
And you destroyed the trust of the crypto community
One of the reasons for the decline of the crypto market is the lack of proper support for the Luna system
It is better to attract capital and burn the tokens at this price
Every investor will burn 10% of Luna tokens

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It pains me that Do Kwon wants to do the “revival on his own”. This is DOA, his brand is poisoned, nobody trusts him, and he doesn’t have enough money. Binance, Coinbase, another group of massive size, could invest 5 billion and revive the massive Terra ecosystem and very likely profit off it. The con man narcissist is screwing us at every turn.

Wow so sorry about your lost

anyone think it is unfair to take snapshot on May 7 join discord LUNA CRASH VICTIM We need to find a solution

Yes, our deeds are bad)
I spent 10% of the deploysite to support the system during the crash.
Thanks to the averaging of positions at the bottom, I was able to return mine on the first day after the restart of the blockchain. But I didn’t throw it into the glass.
Now the price does not allow even close to do this.
And everything goes to the fact that I will not return even 10% of my 10% ))
The question is why did I do it? Because he believed.
But faith will soon fade away)