Next Steps for LUNA/UST Holders: A Detailed Analysis

I can see why people keep saying “only reward those who have held since before the crash”, or for x months, or whatever (which is me, by the way), but you HAVE TO UNDERSTAND that the people flooding in now are Luna’s ONLY LIFELINE. If you draw a line between “real” holders and people trying to bail the project out now, you’re committing suic1de. There’s no two ways about it.

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That is the wrong argument. “It looked like I would make 20x the interest rate of a normal bank account” is not a sympathetic creditor position.

“I was assured this was a safe store of value” might be a bit better.

Also, I just realised coinbase and GMO-Z, the issuer of GYEN, are being sued for exactly the “stability marketing of something not very stable” argument in this topic.

Read again the post, and understand the LEGAL POSITION of de DEBT HOLDER = UST HOLDER

Ok time to correct me if I’m wrong. Currently LUNA is at .0001693. I thought TFL disclosed they had about 300 million left in the bank. Well if they used that money to buyback and burn wouldn’t they eliminate about 1,772,002,362,669.8 coins…what would that do to lift the price and build some confidence back to the market which could then continue to mint UST and get back to 1?

vania_nn That’s why I started calling him Do Kon.

Para que contratar abogados cuando podemos contratar sicarios?

You can join here to a class demand worldwide to get a compensation

discord dot com /channels/975602643315605554/976238317765013524

I can not post links so figure it out

There are telegram Channels already in place

Thank you for this article and sharing your thoughts. This gives hope for UST holders. I didn’t sell anything during the crisis last week and now I have $200 instead of 2,500 UST I had. I was pretty sure they will peg back to $1, but now it seems not possible. The only hope is for reimbursement.

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I have no words to say it to you, cruel bastard!

No words needed. You’re just trying to shift your responsibility onto others.
You don’t have the brains to make smart investments.
The cryptocurrency market is highly risky. And you hamsters are warned about this every day.
Keep your money in a sock, and don’t go where your intelligence is lacking. And in case of inflation of your pieces of paper, you can just as easily beat your head against the wall.
I lost 10% of my deposit in an attempt to support the company. And clearly aware of their risks. And I don’t run, I don’t cry, and I don’t say who should be hanged for this.

Thanks for drawing a clear outline. I’d very much appreciate hearing your own contrarian take on the caveat I’ve quoted. That is, how do you foresee a ‘blow-up of the entire governance-token-issuance game’ playing out?

(Coming from a social tech (decentralized AI) pov, my question is really triggered by the short shrift being given to the by-design tokenomic entanglement of UST with LUNA in the broader…well, conversation.)

The fact is that both UST and LUNA are still available to buy on exchanges at the prevailing value. (Binance still has it listed with the following info description: ‘TerraUSD (UST) is a decentralized algorithmic stablecoin of the Terra blockchain. In order to mint 1 UST, 1 USD of the reserve asset, LUNA, must be burned.’

Thus anyone investing the token even now should be entitled to the same deal as longstanding holders


Is this group still valid? I tried clicking the discord link, but it is not working. I would love to participate in this cause


You might want to take a look at this post

Do Klown is hiding behind Luna 2.0. The promises they have made for Luna 1 & UST didnt get fulfilled. How can you put your money into this project again? its like falling into another scam company after you got scammed by the same one just because they changed their name. Wake up everyone

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You are 100% correct.
It is amazing how many people just accepted LUNA#2 as if Do Kwon and other insiders were not responsible for the collapse of LUNA#1.
Vote to restructure LUNA#1 governance, remove DK from leadership:


Took your advice and looked into the cases u mentioned in your post. For others please listen to this Bloomberg article:[Preformatted text](

Please read here about UST reimbursement.

Dear i want to also answer my questions: