Governance Voting : LUNC Community VOTING for Governance

This is the movement you are waiting for, you can vote in two rounds…

Round 1 Voting Link: Terra Station

Round 2 Voting Link: Terra Station

@rosanne89 can you pass a message to Station, to make white lists to enable to vote?

At the Round 1 :
The community will decide to restore the governance, keep the same government, and vote to pass by like before.


If you vote “YES”,
Back to Under the same Do Kwon and his team

If you vote “NO”,
if you are in “NO” favor, We will rebuild the new governance structure, and please vote at “T1 Community Governance Vote Round - 2” Proposal as well to pick what kind of of government structure you like.

At the round 2 :
Round 2 will final round, for the community who really like to build new governance structure… Please make sure to vote Round 1 first before you vote this.

YES to (keep the same team), NO to (move on with the new T1 Team)


If you vote “YES”,
Rebuild the new governance structure, and keep the same Do Kwon team

If you vote “NO”,
if you are in “NO” favor, We will rebuild the new governance structure, and move on with the new T1 Team

Main Forum Link:

Let your voice be heard, guys! Happy Lunatic with end with “C”


This is the only thing that should be discussed now really. All those numerous revival plans are pointless until governance voting is enabled and LUNC network has no leadership or no interest from current leadership


I vote NO for the first round

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I vote YES for the second round, we need honest new teams.

Voting YES in the second round keeps the same team. If you want a new team you need to vote NO for round 2.

The option “Yes” gives to Do Kwon Team with New Governance

The option “No” gives to New T1 Team with New Governance.

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OK Revised

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I voted no for both . Lunc have to handover to new team for its own good


How the hell are you guys voting…

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You must first connect to classic wallet app on mobile, and browse station website and connect your wallet with wallet connect, you will see your browser is connected with classic, and visit the link of voting url, you can proceed to your voting. Hope that helps!


We need a new leadership.
DK has made it clear he is 100% focusing on LUNA #2. So let it be.
But give us back the control of LUNA#1 (LUNC).


Idem… I also voted


That will be decided by the T1 community, now Terra Station Dev needs to white list these links to make it an official vote! If they don’t do that, they are also some old people who are trying to shoot the T1 and want to work only for T2.

i dont see the vote
can you share a screensho of the curent vote stats please


We are at the pre-voting stage, it needs to get whitelist by the Station team.

Round 1 :

Round 2 :

If you wanna vote in, please do so with Classic Wallet.



How a convoluted way.

Who is the station team? Why the hell did they remove the ticker of Terra Classic and made it so much inconvenient to otherwise working system.


I’m trying hard to behave here.

What will happen to ust if your proporsal is passed and the new governance is implemented in LUNC?

Well even you voted in there, the tally number didn’t change at all :wink: you can compare with the last screenshot we posted and you voted later lol…

UST will remain the same for sure… that is what community hope to rebuild the value of UST. If they don’t include it, then that will not be true form of T1 anymore.