Not fixed station dashboard TAX REWARDS, LATEST BLOCK HIGH

Not fixed dashboard yet. Grapf of TAX rewards gets wrong data, because of fork.
Please fix in station/src/pages/charts/TaxRewards.tsx
Latest block high not showing since fork. Wrong data obtained to print. Still showing loading message.



Good finding,
Would be good to fix before 1.2% tax happen, can you fix it yourself and send Pull Request ?

Should we be reporting bugs directly to GitHub? I come across many.

@jason412 I am only trying to help. For me this bug as found is not as critical, but station looks pretty undone, messy. Also i am not this skilled programmer to solve this problem. I am investor and because you need some basics understanding of code you have money in i can find and sometimes recommend checks as some low community QA, PR or something like that.
@Joe_Smith I would prefer to post it in here to know what is problem, was it solved and just because there it is more clear to see.

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Tax rewards fixed.Also latest block high will be. Please close.