: tax-focused CSVs for Terra blockchain

Heyo - Just wanted to introduce, a simple website for Terra CSVs.

As a Terra user, tax integration support seemed non-existent early on. So I wrote some software to do my own taxes (because who has time to stare at spreadsheets to PAY money). Figured others might have the same need so I decided to make it into a website. It’s grown more comprehensive now bit by bit, with great user feedback.

It has CSVs with: anchor earn interest! (just made this update), swaps, airdrops, staking rewards, LP longfarm/shortfarm/stake/unstake/rewards, bond/unbond, transfers, borrow/repay (please do shout out needs/wants–it really helps gear where to put efforts).

Hope folks check it out!


hey mate I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks and so far it’s excellent. I noticed one bug potentially, and one sort of error-not-error.

the bug - strictly for ANC-UST-LP records, where it put the currency label in the units column, and the units in the label column. I just manually swapped them back around. I think it was the part that detailed the pool (LP token creation).

the other one… when swapping LUNA to other tokens like ANC, the CSV records this as swapping UST to ANC for example. Consequently, when importing in to tax software you end up with craaaaazy figures like negative balances of UST and incorrect (too large) balances of LUNA. I’m manually editing my spreadsheet to fix this.

The only other issue I have, is that Koinly is not coping with it yet. lol. But I am trying to work through my many hundreds of TXs one by one to make any edits, add notes and yeah, try to get it 100%. I’ve hounded Koinly about it on their forums lol.

Anyway, thank you, tremendous effort and I think its really good. So glad you’ve been able to do this and provide this to the community!

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Oi, apologies for the painful bug. I fixed the 1st bug (I think) a few days ago and the 2nd bug just now after seeing this post. Definitely going to be reviewing/testing swap CSV records …

Thanks for the invaluable feedback.

that’s awesome. i’ll go re-do my CSVs then on your site hehe :stuck_out_tongue: thank you so much!

Thanks very much for making this. This will save everyone a good amount of time in the future.

@podger One thing that is still needed is the USD or fiat conversion of assets at the transaction time.

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Hi @podger , you’re gonna love or hate me haha sorry, I found another bug.

I am an LPer as well as a Borrower, I collect all rewards together. It seems that the spreadsheet reports only the LP ANC unit count for the reward transaction, not the Borrow, nor the combined amount of ANC.

For instance, I pull for example 39 ANC down in a reward claim, with 17 from my borrow and 22 from my LP, the CSV export from only shows the 22 ANC reward claim :wink:

hehe. sneaky one that one ; )
Many, many many thanks mate. We appreciate your work!

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I used the tool to prepare taxes and it was absolutely wonderful, but I went all the way back to the launch of Anchor and obviously, I can’t remember exactly what I did back then but I found at one point I sold more ANC than what was in my account at the time according to the csv. Obviously that can’t happen so I figured the tool must miss something. This is probably what I experienced.

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hey mate, if you’re using Koinly just check that Koinly didn’t get the order of Txs wrong. I have caught it out a few times - for example three transactions came up with the same time, but Koinly put one ahead of the other when in actual fact it should have proceeded them. So, look at the transaction where you apparently sold more anc than you had, search over the surrounding ones and compare the order of transactions to the list of the transaction history on Anchor’s history tab. Pretty sure you’ll find the issue. Then just move the time of the particular transaction back into place where you would have no doubt free’d up the ANC before you sold it. :wink:

the only other exception is that if you pooled in to the LP, and then withdrew with a variation of ANC balance, which is normal, then maybe that would explain it too.

this is cool, I will test it this week. A great contribution to the ecosystem!


Excellent work - gave you a tip sir

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Thanks to all who have tried! I’ll definitely keep working on minimizing those tax headaches.

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thank you for making this tool!

Cointracker doesn’t seem to play well with the wonderful CSV - doesn’t quite know what to do with some of the transactions and gets a lot wrong.

Is Koinly better? It seems like I’d have to pay something to use the “custom file import” - I need to choose some form of software though … before next tax season.

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More options here, gives a parsed csv.

Hey @danku_r , did you ever end up testing this?