On-Chain DEX


I order to burn more LUNC we obviously need more utility on the blockchain. CEXs won’t help us with the burn. But as far as I can seen LUNC can only be purchased or sold on CEXs. We need a major DEX on Terra Classic where every single transaction is taxed.

I thought about an order book style exchange on Terra Classic where you can trade some IBC denominations against LUNC.

As far as I can see not all IBC is shutdown. One could for example open up a channel to Axelar and then create a LUNC/axlUSDC trading contract on TerraClassic.

I have some technical experience in writing CosmWasm contracts and also maintaining an IBC relayer as well as full nodes in the Cosmos ecosystem.

What I am not good at is Web-Development , so I could not create a nice frontend for the contract on my own.

Is someone interested in discussing this idea? If you like you could also send me a direct message

Have a nice day.