Notice on Tax Burn for LUNC and USTC on Terra Classic (LUNC) Network |


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That was an ultimate act of betrayal by Binance. It’s almost as good as not implementing the burn rate.

Shame on Binance


Blacklist all binance Lunc and burn all, and advise the community to move all their Lunc elsewhere, Give it a limited time and that’s it, Binance doesn’t want to support us that’s fine, we go ahead and kick binance out.

Did kucoin support the off chain burn?

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From what im reading on the original post BN seem to be supporting it no? Why the backlash? Maybe im not understanding.

On-chain, but not off-chain. Meaning, on deposits and withdraws to them and from them, respectively, but not on every transaction taking place in the exchange.

Thanks for clearing that up. So not on their bnb chain then?

Not right now. Maybe in the future.

Binance maalesef LUNC topluluğuna ihanet etti en başında yanmayı desteklediğini söyledi ama yalan söylemiş

I think this level of update is encouraging enough.
It is believed that coins that are not listed on Binance cannot survive.
Although Binance’s policy cannot cause an explosive amount of incineration, incineration will proceed slowly but steadily.
Lunc’s goal is a long-term right-wing direction, in which the rise, fall, and sideways are repeated.
An explosive pump will bring speculators in, and healthy investors will feel threatened by dumps.
Don’t worry and let’s hold steadily.


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Not sure that Kucoin nor GateIo are supporting off-chain burn… Not very explicit in their annoucements. To be followed closely…

You are missing the other half of the story. Here it is. It changes the perspective a bit in terms of just how binance is supportive of the burn.

Sir lunc community want on chain and of chain 1.2% tax pirce bom. One day 10 b burn all exchanges pirce 100% bom

Hello sir. Lunc community start new (DEX) exchange lunc ecosystem implement 1.2% tax on chain and of chain automatic burn