Only way to save UST AND LUNA

Increase luna transaction fee to reduce hyperinflation.

Simple, burn X percentage of luna in each transaction. Reduce luna supply, make it worth something again, use it to save ust in the long term.

As I said, we’ll burn X percentage, e.g 10% of each luna transaction, we’ll reduce luna to the 1b supply pretty fast in this way. Then after luna price stabilization, we can use this burn method at the same time as burning ust, effectively saving both. It just takes a few months. But no one is gonna be left behind.

You can’t go making a new crypto currency every time the L1 crashes, go with kwon’s proposal and this chain becomes known as a scamchain forever. Do it the right way, don’t go looking for a one day solution, that’s just snake oil.


Agree with your summary, I came up with a similar plan here, has some more detail, but no burn needed, volume transaction is the key here

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I like this proposal. Infact this is what I was thinking as well, it could be as simple as transaction fee will be 15 cents worth of LUNA. initially it will burns thousands worth of LUNA at every transaction and the amount burn will adjust as the price of LUNA changes. 15 c is just a random number I suggested. Any practical value can be chosen

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That’s a good suggestion as well, a fixed value in usd as transaction fee would make sense as it scales with the value of luna, but we need higher than 15c.

I Love the proposal but we gotta change
The name Luna is done!

Thats no different then the zero IQ’s tearing down the fairly newly constructed High School in Parkland following the shooting. Any moron can tag a fancy name to a currency and/or adorn it in blinking lights, in fact, many morons have already done this; if you preserve the name (and chain) the project is known as what was tested, overcame, and prevailed. Its essentially the difference between the war tested aircraft with battle scars and a kill count notched onto the fuselage, vs. the basic bitch aircraft that just rolled off the line. Everyone remembers the Enola Gay.


Exactly we need to preserve the current ecosystem and currencies and fix the problem, kwon’s revival plan is literally running away and a rug pull in favor of few.

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You guys get it.

This is close in the spirit of what is covered in this proposal, with an emergency fund:

Adding a temporary tax on transactions might help to buy back ust to bring the peg closer to 1:1

Anyone that knows anything would know the best way for a bankrupt corporation to move forward is to settle with debtors and change the name that owed the debt!

Solution: The Luna Guard must buy up the entire supply of LUNC and USTC and then just burn 49% of it and sell 51% of it, and repeat until the prices return to normal for both USTC and LUNC. Easy. Simple. Fixed. And it would only take a matter of a few minutes to do.

No, that’s not the right thing to do. Especially when the fix is so easy. Making people bankrupt and homeless when they could be opening a business that would improve the community, start a family, or have a life isn’t fair or correct.

All the Luna Guard needs to do is buy up the remaining supply of LUNC and USTC and burn 49% of it then sell the remaining 51%. And repeat the process until the excess supply is burnt and the price returns to normal.

Not only us this and easy solution to do, but would be profitable for Terra labs. So, it’s a no brainer. What are you guys retarded? Just take $700,000,000 and buy up the supply of coins and burn some and sell the rest to recoup investment. Duh.

It’s an extremely easy solution that would solve the problem within days. do just like the Orion money validator, I asked your community if you want them to vote yes on proposal 3568 to burn luna. What do you have to lose, you already have luna v2 let us try to save luna v1 everything we ask for. Terra Station