Only this method to save LUNA and UST (Supply Limited)

Save LUNA to $100 and USTUSD $1

Base on my 20years in FX mkt…only this method can save TERRA…now…TERRA unlimited supply LUNA is going to a dead path to hell

1/ Announce stop creation of new LUNA and limit to exist the total number of LUNA (similar to BTC limited supplly)

2/ Announce to destroy 1% of LUNA daily

3/ Use existing money (LUNA, other stablecoin or BTC) to buy LUNA …(not UST)

4/ when LUNA price up to $10…then use LUNA to buy UST

5/ Announce to destroy 1% of UST daily

following history …MYR …JPY…all unlimited print money …cannot solve problem…only limit supply can get price up…when BTC, Luna price up…all short seller need to close position and market will recover confidence…then problem will be solved definitely.

If you also agree…pls like and reply …to let TERRA and DO KWON to know the idea and use the plan immmediately…thx



We should be saving Luna not UST at this point. If we can stop the price of Luna from declining, then we can save UST!


This is a good option…


Who’s token are you trying to destroy huh…
Braindead proposal.
Without minting Luna, no one will burn their UST.


minting luna…will turn Luna to hell (rubbish)…rubbish is meaningless and helpless
Burning Luna and UST which is hold by TERRA…
TERRA now use money to buy UST is wrong…if not save Luna first…also only buy UST also is a dead path…all 5 procedure need to do at the same time…
cos they have the same idea as you…“minting Luna”…just see the price now…it’s the answer now…
FAILURE !!! same as the MYR and IND …rubbish ccy is not accepted by public…

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Why not follow the DAI’s model. Dai is backed by ETH. at this point, LFG has enough BTC to serve; for example, it can borrow USDC and use BTC as the collateral. I don’t think algo stable is still a good option at this point. There is no reason to be so obsessed with the algo stable anymore.

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Useless, Terra Foundations’ token is not on the open market, virtually no impact on price. Supply and Demand don’t work this way.(face palm)

I guess they’re waiting on chain system to fully liquidate and settle any leverage/liquidation(force loss taker, who is in profit? Buyers(large chunk is bought by shorter/attackers probably.). They should have enough capital to buy all UST at $1.

Burn Do Keon’s tokens :laughing: but the project is dead this death spiral is moving on its own momentum now even while btc is going up

But if this can’t open your eyes idk. It’s a sad day a top 10 crypto falls from grace and so many people lost their lives and livelihoods over this

UST has a circulating supply of 12.12B

  • It has a market cap of $7.4B
  • To restore peg 12.12B - 7.4B = 4.72B of UST needs to be burned
  • Terra validators have overwhelmingly agreed that this is what must be done, UST must be burned and peg must be restored
  • To burn UST (and restore peg), you need to mint new LUNA
  • To burn 1 UST you need to mint $1.00 worth of LUNA
  • Let’s do some simple math
  • Say we can burn all the excess UST all at once right now, and restore peg
  • To burn this 4.7B of UST we would need to mint $4.7B worth of LUNA
  • At the current price of LUNA ($0.03), this means we would have to mint ~156B LUNA
  • In this scenario, the circulating supply of LUNA would increase from 3.5B to ~160B (increase 45x)
  • The price of LUNA will decrease to ~$0.0006
  • Now you could in theory begin to slowly burn down that 160B circulating supply of LUNA (does this sound impossible and like a terrible investment? IT SHOULD SOUND IMPOSSIBLE AND LIKE A TERRIBLE INVESTMENT)
  • The scenario described above is a made up fantasy and is not possible
  • What’s really going to happen is actually infinitely worse
  • First problem: You can’t burn all 4.7B UST at once because you can’t mint 156B LUNA at once
  • There is a limit on how much LUNA can be minted in one day
  • Right now, they are voting to increase the limit
  • This leads us to problem #2
  • Second problem: As you mint LUNA, the price of LUNA goes down (LUNA is diluted), which means to burn more UST, you need to mint even more LUNA, until you descend into a vicious feedback loop of all out LUNA minting madness
  • This is referred to by validators and people who understand the protocol as the “death spiral”
  • Right now you can burn $1B UST by minting 33B LUNA
  • The circulating supply of LUNA goes from 3.5B to 38.5B
  • The price of LUNA is now 0.0027
  • You then burn your next $1B UST by minting 1,000,000,000/0.0027 = 370B LUNA
  • You burned your first $1B UST by minting 33B LUNA. The next $1B UST by minting 370B LUNA
  • The next $1B UST would take trillions and trillions of LUNA
  • I used $1B chunks just as an example
  • Obviously the size of the burns would be much smaller as it depends on UST holders’ bags
  • The point is, LUNA can’t recover unless they just decide to fundamentally change how the protocol works, which would result in Do Kwan and everybody else on the project being instantly indicted for fraud

The Bailout Protocol.

You need to understand the problem and the flawed tokenomics of terra and luna. Any currency plays three roles transaction liquidity and speculation. Both UST and LUNA have unlimited supply which means inflation can pop up any time due to market conditions due to market crash or attacks anything you all know what has led us here. Any stable coin must be backed with stable assets which means should be limited in supply what needs to be done is luna needs to staked with a asset that is limited in supply or the asset backing it should have stability . In traditional markets in a crash or a meltdown you get bailed out by external sources. No one cares about terra or the community and no one is going to bail us out. Through external funding unless some one wants to do charity. Luna needs to be staked to another asset token which will be both limited and revenue generating. So both the value of the asset and staked luna goes up in value. I am working on project which can disrupt the NFT market place which will owned by a dao ETHIX DAO. a ecosystem created to contribute more towards positive impact on people ,environment and growing the creators . Users can own part of the platform through staking of transaction tokens for asset tokens. Asset tokens are both governance tokens as well revenue generating the revenue from the NFT market place will be distributed to asset tokens. I will be more than happy to work with the community to sail through during these difficult times


Yr logic …same as what they do now…all useless…just see what happen in market now !!
The most important now is…lack of confidence in all investor / buyer…
no matter how u issue new Luna…no one will buy anymore…
can u use air to buy UST ? luna value is like oxygen in earth…!!!
rebuild confidence on LUNA by reducing supply…then the price will up again…
all short position trader and new investor will buy again…then everything will turn to recover…
Yr calculation has a blind point…if no one buy luna…no matter the number u create LUNA…is ZERO…than also cannot buy UST…
if …investor come back…LUNAup…UST will up automatically for arbitrage…thus…
NOW…the most important is LUNA price up again…
simply econ theory…SUPPLYandDemand !!!
STOPsupply…is the first step…
then burn the no. of LUNA is the only way !!!

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maybe u back to school…to learn what “demand and supply” in economy first…wahahhaha…
and also think why BTC can up to 5 digits from $1

Hi bro and sis, pls help to push…let TERRA mgt and Do Kwon see this post…thx !!

This look good to me!

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Hi Do Kwon,

To be honest, your new plan cannot save us, LUNA and UST.

Now, enemy is using FX strategy to beat you. “Computer” method to respond is useless as like, as if in WWII, US and Britian not strike back and just use their land to compensate the allience. Failure is the result.

For the time being, pls find your team and white knight to consider the following ideas.

  • Cannot save LUNA and UST at the same time…need one by one save.
  1. Stop create new LUNA to limit the total number of coin (same as BTC effect)
    2.) Use all your money, coin (existing or from white knight) to buy LUNA to $50
    3.) at the same time of 2), announce burn 1% of LUNA daily til to $50
    4.) when LUNA turn to $50, use LUNA to buy UST
    5.) when 4 start, announce burn 1% of UST daily til to parity.
    6.) in future, create new UST , burn same value of LUNA, vice versa
    7.) in future, if need to protect price, can restart “burn”

Build the investor confidence is the Key method and unlimited supply will destroy whole !!

Good luck


You call for support during the crash. I bought above 10cents and I have lost out big, I hope we are looked after.

I don’t understand how you think creating more luna was a good idea?!? You tanked the price, people have literally killed themselves over this. I hope you know you have blood on your hand and do something more then stating above to make it right.

maybe u read once more…i suggest stop creating new LUNA and burn the existing LUNA to save the it.

Yes fair enough. Will they be keeping the existing Luna or creating a whole new Luna coin? As the post suggested both from what @stablekown posted

Agreed. If I pulled a Do Kwon and read this, I’d say to myself, “Hmmm…this just might be the thing to keep me out of hell.” And he’s got to know he’s in some serious karmic jeopardy. Either way, it’s purgatory for the poor fool for about a million years.
A burn is the only option. Even if it’s a slow burn.


If only morality worked something like this. From several of the comments here and elsewhere (lol’s & ROFLMAO’s…), we can see that people are gleeful about others getting destroyed. It’s entertainment for them. They’ve made money–or at least not been devastated–and don’t give a damn about what’s happened to others. I don’t think for a second Do Kwon cares about what’s happened to other people. He likely cares about just not suffering consequences, including collateral damage to his reputation and future business potentials. So long as he survives financially, to hell with everyone else.