Only we can help each other 2.0

Hello, everyone!

I have a suggestion, but it will be for you, not for the terra LUNA team (although it concerns them). I, like all of you, want the team to burn coins, but today Do Kwon made it clear to the community that there is no money for it :slight_smile:

Friends, the main coin holders are you and me. The team can’t go to the trouble of starting to burn coins, but you and I can do it!

The proposal is for us to agree amongst ourselves to burn the LUNA coin and calculate the % of our LUNA wallets we can send to 0x00 (notionally). If all LUNA holders burn 10-20% of their LUNA coins, that would be a head start for everyone.
I’m writing this proposal on the quick side, so I haven’t done any calculations, but that doesn’t mean the idea is bad, any shift straight is the way to go.

Let’s imagine that there are 300,000 LUNA coin holders, Total Supply is conventionally 7 trillion. 7 trillion / 300,000 = 23,333,333… - 24 million coins per 1 person is quite realistic. 23.333.333 10% = 2.333.333 - burn (the calculation is conditional on everyone having an even number, but it doesn’t matter). If everyone burns 10% this way according to this example - 700 billion coins. But it is up to everyone to decide separately, someone can burn 1%, and someone 50-60%, because while we do not act, the value of the coin is falling, and fork - does not guarantee success.

Guys, my English is bad. Guys, I could be wrong. Guys, no one can help us but us. If we want LUNA to go up and want to get back some of the lost money, we have to at least burn a certain % ourselves. If you’re one of those people who bought 1 billion of LUNA and are sitting around waiting for the price to hit $1 while you don’t want to do anything yourself, then I pity you, you invested in the wrong place) but if you’re willing to burn 10% (which is 100 million, then chances are.

Spread this around, let’s help each other ourselves, rally and agree on terms.

Burn - terra1sk06e3dyexuq4shw77y3dsv480xv42mq73anxu :slight_smile:
Track transfers to burn - Terra Finder


Thank you all!


Great post, I did my part and burned 10% of my bag. come join the burning party to restore luna back to its pride.


Same here, burned one more time… and loaded more in the meantime. :slight_smile:


I really wonder why people come up with proposals like this ? They are completely useless. The price will go up but you will have less coins. So your total net worth will at best be the same but most likely you will have less net worth. In the meanwhile those that do not sell, like Kwon ( the guy that actually should be the one selling ), will increase his net worth yet again at the expense of investors. He would be stealing 3x in a row.

No investor should burn his coins. What we should do is find a new team and make very popular dapps on Luna. And we should be buying more Luna before those dapps become popular. Current Luna can easily do a 50x-99x if popular dapps are being made. So everyone in big losses that buy more Luna now would get out of their losses after a 50x-99x. Plain and simple. The current price of the coins and the total supply is irrelevant. XRP also has ton of supply and a low price. What matters is to push this coin 99x from here. Luna will never get back to 100$.

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Guys, any thoughts on how the luna classic will live on? someone is still trying to burn. I personally will speak for myself, I’m after airdropa discount another +80% to burn, and why do I need these coins? price them 0, I will leave 20% if the price increases, then okay.

Think about it, don’t give a shit about the rich, we’re doing it for ourselves, if anyone does the same, come on! We need to gather a petition or a worldwide agreement, spread the word. I am a realist, there is no point in holding millions of coins, wait for the price to $1, after airdrop, the moon will drop to 0.000001… we’ll have to burn it… otherwise there’s no point.

Excellent Sir

People are writing now a lot of proposals to revive LUNC, but I want to tell you that now Do Kwon will not do anything, because “no money” - ridiculous.
Everything is in our hands, if I wrote above in the post that burn as much as you can, what I’m saying now is that if you, specifically you, want LUNC revived, burn 80% of what you have if you bought after the attack. There is NO WAY to keep those coins, since the value of them is 0, if we want them, we should burn them. I made the decision that I would burn 90% of the coins I bought after the attack. THE CHOICE IS UP TO YOU. Tweet, repost, spam on Twitter, let everyone start burning, there is no other choice.

Statistics show that after the attack, the number of LUNC holders has tripled, hence - the main holders of the coin are us. I burn 90%, tell my friends, they’ll do the same. If you want, join the flash mob.