Let's do a Large community $LUNA Burn. [Proposal] - Burn Your Coffee money for LUNA

I bought 20$ worth of $LUNA with my coffee money for next week and sent it to the burn address. It’s not much but it’s what i can spare at the moment to burn.

We have millions of people all over the world that still support $LUNA , together we can bring the total supply back to 1 Billion and by doing so create the Flag Bearer of the next crypto bull run.

I know most of us are in pretty bad shape since the crash but there isn’t anyone coming to solve this for us.

If we move united we can get through this together.

Some one in another one of my posts yesterday said that we would need to buy and burn more then $800+ million dollars worth of $LUNA to get to 1$. I will start doing my part to help the community.

I will give up coffee for the rest of the year and keep buying $ LUNA and sending it to the burn address. Let’s see where we are at the end of the year. $LUNA is definitely not going any where with our community.


let’s Burn


I agree, that’s a start of the movement, everyone can spare a few bucks


Sure, i will


I’m still skeptical about this… instead it would be better to organise a sweepstake.


looks like Do kwon isn’t interested in Luna burn. the address was available but now it isn’t and it looks like when the burned happened they secretly minted more Luna. Luna 2.0 will benefit do kwon. community wants a burn and they need to stop minting more Luna. If burn actually happened how come supply didn’t decreased.


enviare cuando realmente vea que el sumunistro este bajando se me hace que estamos siendo muy pasientes con un proyecto que nos arruino de la noche a la mañana

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Considering we have a total of 1,388,233,195 UST to burn (Community pool + etherium cross chain) And considering Luna’s price is at 0.0001. And the price of UST at 0.05.

If we use the UST to buy Luna then we can buy 694,116,597,500 Lunas (694 BI Lunas) to burn.

That’s 10% of Luna’s current offer.

Luna’s number remains the same. So is it burning and minting again?

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Note that in the proposals that are being voted on, the proposer loses the deposited tokens if the proposal is rejected with veto or does not reach the quorum. So.

This means that the TerraStation platform already has all the mechanisms to create a lottery.

PROPOSAL: Create a lottery on the TerraStation platform. With daily raffles.

The bettor must use Luna Classic in the bets (minimum amount of $1). The winner of the draw receives 70% of the total collected. 30% is burned.

Or TerraLuna could provide a service or game to be paid for with Lunac. But it looks like TerraLuna doesn’t have any services.

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We are lunatics. If luna collapses, we are ready to collapse with it. Pse note.


check link below too:
New Vote Link:
LINK TO GOVERNENCE VOTE: :point_right: Terra Station :point_left: