Option to accelerate token burning


we are expecting the introduction of a community-approved burning tax soon, which will help “reborn” LUNC, and that’s great news. The update will allow to collect and burn tokens on some on-chain transactions as shown here: Proposal for the 1.2% Tax Parameter Change

While the original proposal required tax collection on all transactions, including CEX trades, it is certainly a great achievement even without that. In that sense, however, we can expect the volume of transactions on the network to decrease for some time and therefore the burning of the token supply to slow down.

I thought of a possible solution. If each validator set or increased their fees by at least 1.2% and burned the tokens collected from that fee, then our path to reducing the supply would be greatly accelerated.

I know we can’t mandate that validators do this, but this discussion could at least convince them that it’s for the benefit of the whole community and new investors. I personally am willing to pay this fee to help all LUNC holders.

What do you think?

Have a nice day.