Possible culprit

ok something weird is going on. Both Justin Sun and CZ agree with a different proposal but maybe we should hear DW out. check this out. Alameda teams up with Justin Sun and mere days later UST/LUNA start imploding with infinite sells of UST. Days before the attack Sun tweets, and it is still up, that he is going to buy UST and that he has a secret plan. DW being the guy he is calls him “his excellency” then Sun changes under his twitter account name to “His excellency” Could Sun be capitalizing on the loopholes in the UST mechanism to to make USDD stronger? Something smells fishy. REALLLLY fishy. So i am trying to figure out how the proposal that was agreed upon by them and posted here then taken down could benefit them. is this why it was taken down? Was this an attack on Luna/Ust to profit others in the crypto space? are they openly mocking this situation? Explains a lot. I saw another guy get laughed at on here for mentioning but all this “Sun” “Luna” eclipse stuff is a little too weird. And what really can DW say about it? He is at the mercy of CZ, who is obviously on some kind of same page with Sun. And now the Hero Sun wants to donate 10 million USDD to help save us all in a recovery plan. Pssssht. Sun vrs. Moon in a BLOOD MOON eclipse. I guess its obvious who won that one. Ok you may all make fun of me now HAHA but really! And before you call me crazy, keep in mind this quote… * “Millionaires don’t use Astrology, billionaires do.” ― J.P. Morgan.

if you ask me
it must be something in it
MODs deleted this letter

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