Im just going to say it.....damn

I think its funny how FATMAN comes out of no where, gets picked up by CZ, JUSTIN the known S-cam SUN, AND ok with child P-rn Vitalk who are all in direct competition with Luna and rallies with them to push back on the proposed plan from DK and everyone rallies around him like sheep cause they hear the word “Burn” not realizing the plan the DK laid out is actually much better, in probability and long term sustainment. they want you to only focus on profit not saving the token and the ecosystem. have you all lost your damn minds? have you all not noticed all the bots on twitter pushing this same agenda? have you noticed these same bots calling Justin Sun a hero? didnt he just launch a copy paste coin $USDD in competition with $UST? uhhh yes. Didnt he post days before the huge crash on his twitter that he was buying $UST for a secret plan he had? WTF guys the writing is on the wall and anyone standing side by side with these scammers should not be trusted. DK was sabotaged and so were we. Everyone is on a witch hunt for him and we are hunting him most likely with the ones who are actually responsible. Wake the hell up. all these stupid bots are pushing the same agenda as Lunas competitors and also posting on their twitters how they are the heros. its sick actually and people are so easily fooled.