Progressive repegging UST

As we know ,it is impossible to immediately repeg UST to 1 dollar. But if there is possibility that we create a function that allows the repegging target changes over time. Like firstly, repegging to 0.005, then 0.01, 0.1 and finally to 1

Nope. We will not make some people instatly millionares. Wait until price rise up then delete zeros in case 0.1 usd per ust. This is only logical and possible way.

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This is actually not a good idea. Imagine everybody would know that ustc is going to be pegged to 1 dollar in one year. People would buy like crazy. In traditional finance that would be even forbidden: Because it’s insider knowledge.

The market needs to drive the price to 1 dollar. Then it needs to be pinned there. This is the only way.

Or we could pin the peg to the value at which it stands in the moment we want to reintroduce the peg. But then it would have to stay there forever.

For this need massive burns. Have you read Alex’s plan?
Peg can only be for $1.