[Proposal] BURN and REMEDY fee with each LUNA transaction πŸ’Š [PART I]

Can anyone make some decent, properly working table or calculator to determine exactly how many tokens we get in each case? I want to know if my $100k will be worth 1 or 2 dollars…

I heard vote shows okey but does not count if you were not staking already. There is a comment about that in this thread, if you go higher up.

How many tokens do you have I can calculate for you.

OMG I just found out I have 1 β€œLUNA V2” in my wallet. Wtf is this?

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really? can you paste a screenshot?

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Original Luna community should be strong and build our own ecosystem and burn mechanism, we have the advantage, we just need to a strong leadership and some good investments, I am sure that this token can go up if we build around it, Investors should be looking into this for very high returns. I create this post where we can discuss more about it. Let’s stay together with the original luna and implement the burning mechanism - #9 by shoyru


Why the f.uck do I have this?

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You are the first one in history to get a Luna v-2 so I dunno why

I am so confused right now. What the F is this. 5 days ago? FIVE FREAKIN DAYS AGO? What the F

Where does Do Kwon live? I just want to invite him for some tea yeah

Either this is a fake token or they had it ready for some time


So how much do I get with this amount of luna? I bought 100k of them at $1, the remaining for about $1500

You literally get 1.3293113 v2-luna. That’s it. I think you already got your 1. So it is not worth 1 dollar even.

and if they lock 90% of your 1.3293113 v2-Luna you are lucky if you see a value worth a penny.

Lol, 100k to 1 dollar, I knew it. Thanks Kwon. I’d make more if I sold now

Another one I found

Ok now I am sure they are fake buddy.

Total Supply:

1,000,000,000,000 LUNA (CSupply: 999,999,999,999.999999)

ah ah ah ah.

In case that disappears here is another link …