[PROPOSAL] Global approach and communication plan


Global and more specific proposals on communication, in points to be clear and concise:


· Support all stakeholders in the “reborn” project (UST&LUNA old/new holders)
· Do not dispossess anyone, encourage via short / medium-term staking solution
· Do not fork, Terra is facing a systemic shock, it must absorb it and come out stronger, it is the natural law of evolution
· Stop all futures contracts on the LUNA/UST to avoid short positions pressure
· Increase transfer fees to start an aggressive burn
· Activate Terra ecosystem networks to raise collateral funds


  • Set up a communication unit:
    · Tweets every 2 hours on the progress (even if it’s just to say: “we are moving forward”
    · KFG or Do Kwon must make a statement on the situation tomorrow at the latest
    · Relaying elements of language: “we have been attacked by a third party”
    · Relay elements on the state of cash and / or available liquidities
    · Reply to all influencers FUDERS

I repeat, Terra faces an external shock, which is necessary for its development.

This shock is systemic so we have to absorb it, a fork would only go backwards to jump lower, and Terra has been able to develop a critical size (top 10, large community, application ecosystem) sufficient to pass this test.

It is absolutely essential to COMMUNICATE, to be HUMBLE and TRANSPARENT, it is the only way to manage crisis situations.


Thanks for this…
There is a proposal that might provide more structure to this endeavor:

It might prove useful to consolidate similar proposals…
Please review and provide your inputs…

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I hope the implement your proposal.
2. Dont differentiate among investors
3. Make regular update and give a public statement


can’t sound fair for me loosing Millions with the attack while people who comes afters will be more rewarded should have been done before pinting trillions of luna .

I understand your state of mind because you lost a lot, but many new holders also take a risk by supporting the price of LUNA, that’s why it would be fair to reward the actions of old but also new owners,

Many people wanted LUNA but it was too expensive,

True believers bought from ATH to bottom,

I also lost a lot of money by supporting the fall of the course, but we must see further than that and unite the “new family” of Terra/LUNA

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