[Proposal] Must happen in steps...NO FORK

No Fork first of all!

Step 1- Public pronouncement of Terra intention to save LUNA and UST. Tweet blog press releases all over the next few days. We all will help

Step 2- Buy and Burn program on LUNA with a 1-1.5% trading tax which goes to support UST by buying it in the market also.

Step 3- Continue Step 2 until UST is back to $1 and LUNA is at least over $.50

Restorations, paybacks to folks that lost or whatever is MUCH easier discussion to have if UST is back to $1 and LUNA is not in SHIBA INU land… So put that off for now and focus on regaining the faith of the public.

Don’t screw this up!!! You are making history right now and this story is affecting all of us across the entire crypto spectrum, now and in the years to come. If you guys screw the pooch and fork this thing and kill all the holders, there will be bad press for miles and it will only go to reinforce skeptics in the space. Not only that you, will bring all of Washington DC down on all of us with more regulations.

DO YOU GET IT YET? This is a big deal, not just this one project.

The opportunity to recover this is very simple, but maybe not easy and it may take some time to recover faith, but first you have to recover the market.

Make this a great story of business fortitude and the sky is the limit for everyone associated with Terra. They will study it in business school in the future and how the team handled it and what they did… How the big V in the chart was this event.

This is a much bigger deal than any one team or person! Time to think and then ACT! NOW, at least no later than Sunday!

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I like but I think it’s a slippery slope now to try and pay holders. Who gets what and how much, when? on and on. Everyone can buy right now and average down. Force the price higher and everyone wins!

How difficult would it be at add a trading tax that would go to support UST?

Thats the question to devs andthe team that stay silent ;/


Agreed, roll backs or giving money is a messy idea, many will be un happy, some will try legal action,

The burn tax is the way forward, we also need a plan to prevent future attacks and bring confidence back, but this will come later, it’s important to act quickly we’ll we still have trading momentum.

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You are preaching to the choir! We need to hear from the top Team and Do!!!