[Proposal] Pre-attack snapshot when Terra was officially halted

Many people bought in the first and second price bounce, when Terra’s reserves were being sold.
It would not be compensation enough on “Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan 2” to the people who bought in the first fall even more for those who bought in more than 0.6 when everything looked like it was going to recover the peg 1:1 and then fell. so the correct date would be when the network decided to make the halt.

That halt signal told the community that something bad was happening so it would not be fair to take a date of an attack that the community did not know about.

At the moment UST deppeg happens. Many holders decide to buy UST not knowing what is going on behind the banbalins. This behavior was totally beneficial because it could has helped the stablecoin resume its 1:1 with the dollar. which was also beneficial for all LUNA holders. This happens after the “pre-attack” block 7544914.

Keep in mind that some bought after the pre-attack block and some at prices that were higher than $0.6. Even though it realized something that was beneficial to all. Thus, whoever bought after the reserve sales even at a price higher than 0.6 dollars is being unfairly compensated with those who bought at less than 0.09 dollars.

I propose take “pre-attack” snapshot proposal in “Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan 2” when the Terra blockchain was officially halted at a block height of 7603700. That signal was a warning to the community that something bad was happening.


They bailed out their friends first.

We tried to save the peg with DK confident that is going to be rescued. The official date should be the one when he officially stated that $UST have no future

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Luis, the only way someone is going to respect arbitrary blockheights is when coupled with hard data not just a “recount”.

Overlay and chart/graph ust peg, luna price, bluna anchor (and I should add the 1.23 luna/bluna “peg” that caused cascading liquidations), bluna/basset TVL high risk loans, block height, market caps of UST & Luna then dig into it. Other than that, it’s all just hearsay. If it is what you want, put in the effort. Data is the only way to justify anything.

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@luis You are not alone in such thoughts, try to get in contact with one of the dashboard / analytics orgs when the ecosystem thrived such as smartstake. They can technically help on such analysis, of course assuming they’re willing to collaborate etc.